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Feng Shui Numbers – For Better Luck in Life!

Feng Shui Numbers That Can Change Your Life

The role of lucky and unlucky numbers is not strange to both Western and Eastern cultures, although, in certain places, the value of a lucky number, is an unfortunate amount taken into account. So, remember having a lucky jersey number? Or even a favorite number? In Western culture, the value of numbers is mainly in sports, and perhaps if we are “OCD.” Let’s find out more about Feng Shui numbers.


Being superstitious in Western culture is something of an “old-school” thing to do. But, in reality, it would be difficult in Western culture to find someone who feared a certain number or who believed a certain number was truly auspicious and worth using to conjure certain positive energies.

In Chinese/eastern culture, numbers have a deep significance and should be used properly to avoid negative occurrences and to incur luck and good fortune! Odd numbers are not to be seen, but some have good things attached to them. Often, the positive or negative meanings of each number are based on the way they are pronounced and what words they sound like in certain Chinese dialects (mainly Cantonese). So, a number may be inauspicious because it sounds like a negative word in Cantonese. Let’s look at numbers 1 through 9.


#1. Number One

This indicates wholeness and independence. The number one represents wholeness and independence and can help further career goals and aspirations.

#2. Number Two

It represents the power of relationships. Two is better than one!

#3. Number Three

It implies the union of three things mother, father, child or birth, marriage, and death. Associated with the word “death” in Cantonese.

#4. Number Four

This is not considered to be a lucky number.

#5. Number Five

The representative of the five elements (fire, air, water, metal, earth), the five senses, or even the basic five colors. (could also have a negative meaning).


#6. Number Six

This number is related to the emotions of love, joy, hate, sorrow, anger, and delight.

#7. Number Seven

This number indicates self-evaluation and certainty. It sounds similar to the word “sure” in Cantonese.

#8. Number 8

This Feng Shui number is highly used. It implies abundance, wealth, and success because it looks like the infinity symbol and sounds like the word for “prosperous growth” in Chinese.

#9. Number 9

This number is associated with longevity, wealth, success, and personal goal achievement. This could be because it represents the fullness and balance of the heavens and the earth or because the emperor had 9,999 rooms in his palace in the Forbidden City in Beijing.


*As a side note, it was mentioned in certain sites that number 10 is the embodiment of perfection and is difficult to use because perfection is impossible to attain.

Yin and Yang Feng Shui Numbers

1, 3, 5, 7, and nine are odd, and yang numbers, and 2, 4, 6, and 8 are in numbers. The combination of two of these numbers would create a balanced and auspicious pair. As mentioned above, each number has its meaning and symbolism in Chinese culture.

Numbers are thought about when buying a house (the address), picking out a new phone number, constructing an apartment building (the number of floors), and purchasing a license plate. The auspicious numbers are 2, 8, and 9. So, numbers should be used in making a decision. The unlucky number is 4, and 13 is beginning to be thought of as unlucky as well.

Just imagine viewing numbers as having this kind of power: In China, someone paid over 270,000 US dollars for a phone number that looked like this: 8888-8888. Wow! That’s a lucky number! In China, for dinner parties, people may give two gifts instead of one, since pairs are in balance and auspicious.

Inauspicious Feng Shui Numbers

But, the number 4, across all boards, is unlucky. In Western Feng Shui, it can imply stability and a strong structure, but in Eastern Feng Shui, it is a bad idea to use. So even in hotels in that part of the world, a 4th floor will not be used! It will not be indicated on the elevator buttons. In Hong Kong, sometimes, a 13th floor will also be skipped.

Lucky Feng Shui Numbers

Remember to think about the Bagua or Feng Shui map, when taking these tips and suggestions. For example, put one turtle in the career sector of the home to help encourage those energies. Since 2 denotes pairs and relationships, place two of the same objects in the love/relationship sector of the home.

For example, perhaps placing two red peonies in the love area would be most auspicious to help the relationships in the home. Because of the number 3’s connection to family life, group 3 family photos in the family sector.

This will help ease tensions and help the family to grow in a positive direction. Chinese Feng Shui does not use the number 4. For number 5, think about putting five decorative objects together in the living room, such as candles or bowls, to represent the balance of the elements and therefore inspire balance in the home.

But the number 6 is linked to emotions, and we all want to encourage positive ones to be around us in our home and work areas. So place six of the same objects in a particular sector of the Bagua to bring good energy to that area. Use similar methods for the numbers 7, 8, and 9 to bring growth and lively chi to space.

How to Use Feng Shui Numbers in Our Everyday Life?

Numbers can be related to objects in many ways. I am thinking about using the number 9 when changing a computer password. Use the number 8 when deciding on a number pattern for a license plate.

Or maybe add a 2 to an email address. In this day and age, there are so many ways we can use numbers; we have so many options. Try and use all of the numbers in one’s home or workplace, but consider using the most auspicious ones: 2, 8, and nine frequently.

Feng Shui numbers


We’re all used to the idea of lucky and unlucky numbers, but many of us don’t know how these ideas came about or why people feel the way they do about certain numbers.

Even if one doesn’t want to make use of the knowledge of the importance of numbers in Feng Shui, understanding the power of numbers can also be useful in cultural understanding, learning that there are differences in beliefs, and learning to come to a place of respect for others.

Next time when considering the purchase of a new home an address is on the horizon, or when choosing a unique phone number, keep in mind the power they have and be sure to use them properly!

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