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5 Quick And Easy Feng Shui Tips For A Happy Marriage

5 Quick And Easy Feng Shui Tips For A Happy Marriage

If you are married, or are about to get married, and would want to bring in good luck to you and your partner’s life together, following ideas from Feng Shui should be worth your while. There is a broad range of advice in feng shui that you could follow to enhance your marriage, but if you do not have a lot of time or a big budget to make big changes to your home, here are 5 quick, easy Feng Shui tips to bring a happy married life into your homes:

#1. Display pictures of you and your partner

Inside your bedroom, you should limit the pictures showing people other than you and your partner. As much as possible, keep your private space only for yourselves. This is to keep your minds off things which are outside the boundaries of your relationship; remember, your bedroom should only reflect a relationship between two married people.

#2. Clean your bedroom

Your bedroom should be rid of clutter, especially things that are reminiscent of past relationships and/or unhappy memories such as pictures of dead family relatives or friends. Your bedroom should also be free of things that suggest a dark, scary, and lonely environment such as posters showing any kind of violence.You should always want to have an environment that would make you and your partner feel safe and nurtured; and you should always keep your private area bright and happy to promote positive energy and to block negative energy from flowing through.

#3. Everything should be in pairs

As much as possible, everything inside your room should come in pairs. For example, if you have a bedside table for one side of your bed, get another one for the other side of your bed. This would give the idea of two people living harmoniously together in one place, and will surely attract good luck into your marriage.

#4. Remove mirrors and television

A mirror facing the bed in your room would reflect you and your partner – it is best to remove or cover any mirror that does so, as it might signal or give rise to third-party problems in your marriage.

Also, avoid having a television set or even a radio inside your bedroom. These things may distract you and your partner and both of you might lose focus on what is important, which is, maintaining a loving, happy and intimate relationship between each other.

#5. Choose the colors of love

Inside your home and especially inside your bedroom, there should be a dominance of love colors present. The colors pink and red enhance luck in love and marriage (although, be wary of the colour red and only have a little of it – red is also the color of anger and you would not want negative energy inside your home and into your marriage) so it is best to decorate your home with these colors.

Incorporate it into your home as you wish – some people do as little as choosing small pink decors for their homes, while others go as far as painting the walls of their bedroom pink. Another thing is to avoid having dark colors inside your bedroom. Try to keep it looking as bright and as clean as you can.

fengshui bedroom pink

These five steps, although little, are sure to maintain and even enhance a healthy and happy relationship between you and your partner. Aside from these tips, always remember that your home is the reflection of your life – take it as your home being the reflection of your marriage. Keep your home vibrant and beautiful and look to Feng Shui for tips and tricks, and you are sure to welcome good fortune into your lives.

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