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Feng Shui for a Cul-de-Sac House or a Deadend

#Feng Shui Tips for A Cul-De-Sac House at a Deadend

Feng Shui is one of five arts in Chinese metaphysics that is found by observation of appearance, in architecture. In a metamorphic form of the invisible forces of the universe that earth and humanity together. Let us get free Feng Shui tips for Cul-De-Sac House at a Deadend.

In Orient buildings, Feng Shui architectural designs are used like the tombs, which often had spiritual significance. So it is also looked at as a system of harmonizing everyone, with the surrounding environment.


A cul-de-sac is known as a dead-end street as it only has one inlet, an outlet that limits traffic in residential areas.

Feng Shui Remedies for a cul-de-sac House

Houses located in a cul-de-sac probably do not have good Feng Shui as each house is unique, and faces each other, and also most lack a big compound to make a big garden or yard.


There few reasons why even houses with the best energy flow or Feng Shui designs inside still do not attract good quality energy chi this is because:

The design of the cul-de-sac creates continuous recycling or back and forth bouncing off the same energy between three or more houses in the same location.


Restless Energy

The energy is chaotic and restless, or low and stagnant. This comes as a result of power being divided between several houses creating a struggle for chi or Feng Shui energy.

These are tips that will help you create good chi or Feng Shui energy in and around your cul-de-sac house even if located in a dead-end location:


#1. Create An Outside Water Feature

This is a technique that will uplift, renew, and refresh the energy of Feng Shui or chi. It is advised that you use moving water to show continuity and renewal, for example, an outdoor Feng Shui fountain, pond, pool, birdbath, or any cool water feature will do.

It is for you to decide on what you prefer and what your budget can manage to put up. When working with a Feng Shui water feature, you should consider the direction of your house door and the direction of the water flow.

In your house door should face the fountain and water should flow downwards from the front door to carry away the negative energy from the house outwards.

#2. Feng Shui Landscaping

This is recommended to attract and to keep a better energy quality inside and outside your house. A good backing will always gather and maintain more energy compared to houses without backing.

So it is created by making a row of evergreens at the back of the house or even the front. To make it more beautiful and appealing, you can use the same trees, lush greens, and decorative rocks to form a curved pathway to the main door of the house and you will be sure of attracting better energy quality than a straight path.

Also, ensure that the front of the house is well-lit to help create positive energy. So this is a smart way of landscaping to improve chi in your house environment.

#3. A Moving Garden Element

A solar or wind-powered garden sculpture is an excellent element of Feng Shui for refreshing and uplifting the energy or chi. But with these elements, it is also important to consider directions. For example, a metal moving sculpture works well in the West and northwest directions. But it might not work well in the East, Southeast, and Southwest directions.

#4. Strengthening And Protection Of The Main Door

So houses in the cul-de-sac, doors can always be strengthened by the use of Feng Shui door colors. If the main door faces the South, you can go for a vibrant red color. This creates a lot of hopeful energy and creation of a lot of padding so to speak between the main door and the streets.

#5. A Small Feng Shui Garden

So, this can be well archived if your neighbors can agree to contribute money to make a nice little island with beautiful vegetation, flowers, or water features at the center of the cul-de-sac. But, this will surely improve the Feng Shui energy in the area and bring beauty.

#6. Feng Shui Colours

So colors are an important element for positive Feng Shui energy. But this is because they can excite, enhance, or disturb the energy around them. Colors will be used to represent emotions and goals it should consider colors that bring or attract positive chi energy

 feng-shui cul-de-sac deadend

Feng Shui Colors for Cul-deSac Houses

So, bright colors are mostly placed outside the houses to lighten up the area and attract good-quality

  • Black: career
  • Blue: knowledge
  • Green: family
  • Purple: prosperity and wealth
  • Red: fame and reputation
  • Pink: love
  • Yellow: Health

Also, one should play around with different colors but don’t overwhelm your space by painting with one color the entire room.

#7. Convex Bagua Mirror Cure

This is a technique used for a house with a T-intersection or homes with a front door lining up with a neighbor’s front door. It can be quite overwhelming with negative energy or chi.

By hanging it in the front door facing the to reflect all the bad energy will be out. Also, I can swing it inside the house above the doorway.

It is important to know that even a mirror reflects the actual object but still reflects. If you already live in a cul-de-sac, you should not think of selling your house or vacating.

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