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Psychic Messages Through Songs

Songs and Psychic Messages

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head that you haven’t heard in years? Have you ever turned on the radio to discover they were playing that same song? Or did a specific song play at the exact time that you needed it? This phenomenon is widespread. Sending psychic messages through songs is one of the easiest ways for Spirit to contact us. It is also one of the most frequent. By learning how to interpret these messages, you can quickly grasp their meaning.

Most people dismiss this as chance. But hearing a song like this can be a message from a loved one or spirit guide.


Spirits and Their Ways of Communication

Because spirits cannot communicate with us directly, they have to find other ways. There are many different paths for spirit communication. Songs are one of the most popular methods for several reasons. Songs stick in our heads. They are easy to remember. We often associate them with a specific time, place, or person.

By reminding us of a song, a spirit can communicate more than just a phrase: it can communicate a feeling. As spirits don’t usually speak to us literally, this is an easy way to convey everything they mean.


Spirits and Divine Energy

Aside from putting music into your head, there are other things that spirits can do with the medium. Spirits can manipulate electricity. Spirits operate through divine energy, making them energetic beings rather than physical.

And because electricity is just another form of energy, it is easy for them to work with. This means that they have some control over our electrical objects. Spirits interact with electricity in many ways. You have probably seen lights flicker or turn on as you enter a room.

Televisions can turn on and off. Your phone might ring even though there is no missed call when you look. Electrical interference is one of the easiest ways for spirits to let you know that they are there.


Spirits and Music

Music is no exception from electrical interference by spirits. If a song comes on shuffle at the perfect moment, it might not be random. Music might start playing even though you don’t remember turning it on. You didn’t, but a spirit did.

A radio station you listen to often might play a song that doesn’t match what they usually play. Maybe it’s an old song on a Top 40 station or a country song on a station that plays rock. Chances are, the station is not playing that song at all. Instead, Spirit is interfering with your radio to send you a message.


Messages Through Music

Of course, electrical interference is not the only way that this could happen. Spirits can communicate with anyone, not just the person they are trying to reach. A spirit could persuade a DJ to play a song that they weren’t planning on. They could suggest that a song is bumped up or down on the playlist to make sure it comes on when you are listening.

But you don’t need to hear the music to receive Spirit’s message physically. All you need is to hear it in your mind. How many times have you had a song stuck in your head? And how many times have you ignored it?

Or did you try everything you could to replace it with something else? All too often, we see this as an annoyance that needs to be solved. We do not stop considering that there might be a message within the song that we cannot stop thinking about.

The next time that this happens to you take a step back and think about the song. There are many different aspects to a song. Because of this, there are many different routes Spirit could be used to send a message. If you ask yourself a few questions, you will quickly find the meaning behind the song.

Spirits and Psychic Messages Through Songs

Does the song remind you of a particular person? Especially a loved one who has passed on? This is the easiest kind of message to identify. Perhaps you start thinking of a lullaby your mother used to sing to you or one of your grandfather’s favorite jazz standards.

All that this means is that your loved ones are telling you that they are with you. The song could also be associated with someone who is still living. Maybe you suddenly remember a song your daughter played on the piano or a song one of your friends likes to sing.

This is your spirit guide letting you know that someone might need some extra attention from you right now. Give them a quick call or send them a message to check in. You will be surprised by how happy they are to hear from you.

Spiritual Meaning of Lyrics

Think about the lyrics of the song. What do the words mean to you? Maybe you have a big decision coming up, and the lyrics are your spirit guide’s advice. In this case, think long and hard about the advice. Maybe the song describes a person who is very similar to someone you know.

Check in with this person to see how they are doing. They might need support, or they might have an opportunity for you. Make sure you pay attention to all of the lyrics – the message might only be in one or two lines. You might want to look the lyrics up to make sure that you understand them.

Psychic Messages Through Songs

Music and Feelings

Spirit’s message to you can also be conveyed through the feeling you get when you hear it. For example, an old love song might pop into your head. The lyrics are about finding your perfect match. If you look at the words alone, it might be a sign that your significant other is your soulmate.

But what if you have a different association with the song? Maybe an old flame used to sing it to you, but you discovered they were cheating on you. This would make the real message of the song a message of caution.

Just because someone seems like the right one doesn’t mean that they are. The songs you are hearing cannot be viewed in a vacuum. The psychic message is meant for you so that the spirit will consider your feelings about the song.

Spirits and Singer

These are the most common ways that messages can be relayed through song. There are, of course, still others. The message might have to do with the singer rather than the song itself. It might be about the year that the song came out or the time you first heard it. If none of these resonate with you, don’t let go of the song.

Sometimes the message is more complicated. It can take a while to understand what Spirit is trying to tell you. Even if you figure out the message when you receive it, it might be some time before you have the opportunity to use that information.

Psychic Messages Through Songs

Music and Intuition

When interpreting psychic messages through songs, it is important to trust your intuition. Whoever is trying to contact you—whether your spirit guide or a loved one—knows who you are. They know how your mind works.

If you think that you understand a message through a song, listen to it. If you pay attention to the song, chances are you will get it right. Also, if you don’t, do not be hard on yourself. Keep thinking about the song, and keep considering different messages. Trust that Spirit is there to guide you, and eventually, you will figure it out.

If you follow these steps and pay attention to the messages the spirit is sending you, you will be surprised at how often you are receiving them. We hear and imagine these songs for a reason. You have to figure out what that reason is.