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Paul, the Psychic Octopus – Fun Facts!

Paul, the Psychic Octopus

Paul the psychic Octopus was a sensation and overnight became an international celebrity. Italy claims that Paul the Psychic owes its origin to Italian waters on the island of Elba. The Germans want it on their plate. Dutch priests were trying to cast off its prowess, but above all, the Spanish who wanted to shelter it and was ready to spend $38,000 for it stole the maximum attention.


Every game analyst, psychic, and even a few more Octopuses worship Paul the psychic as their idol and wish to be just like him, which created a global sensation by 100% accurate prediction in the World Cup 2010.


Discovery of Paul

Paul, the psychic octopus was caught in January 2008 at the Sea Life Centre in Oberhausen, Germany. His name originated from a German Poem, Der Tintenfisch (Paul Oktopus), written by Boy Lorensen. Paul was marked to be an oracle during the UEFA 2008 tournament and has now retired after the 2010 World Cup.


The PETA raised its voice against its confinement. Still, Sealife centers opposed the issue and declared it would be pretty difficult for Paul to find food for himself since he is accustomed to living in servitude and captivity.


Paul as an Oracle

Paul played the role of a successful oracle in Germany’s four out of six matches in Euro 2008. He was precise in the 2010 World Cup by predicting all seven matches for Germany, including the quarter-final where Germany tore apart Argentina’s defense by a shocking four-goal lead.

However, the real shock came later, when Paul started anticipating some of the most unpredictable matches like Germany’s defeat by Spain and then Spain’s victory over the Netherlands in the final.

Germans were fuming with Paul the psychic octopus for betraying the German cause and threatened to eat him. Nevertheless, Paul the octopus has managed to compensate by allotting Germany the third position in the FIFA World Cup 2010

Method of Prediction

If you are a football maniac but a little rational at the same time, the obvious question is, ’How do eight legs predict? During the assessment, Paul was given two food boxes containing mussels. Each of them was marked with the flag of the National Football team playing the upcoming match.

Usually, he chose one out of them, and that team was found to be the winner. This evaluation process is not based on football expertise but on foods offered by the respective team’s flags or the chemical imbalance in the water. The species Octopus is color blind but capable of distinguishing size, shape, and brightness.


With the chemoreceptor in its tentacles, it can recognize minor chemical differences in the box’s surface as well. The German flag consisting of tricolors black, red, and gold is the one Paul likes the best and therefore picked it up mostly.

However, the Spanish flag with yellow stripes on it was even brighter than the German Flag. And therefore he chose it over Germany’s in the semifinals. Paul is also a little biased with the box usually kept on his right side and chooses the right one in almost all cases.

Life Span of Paul

Paul the psychic octopus’s days are numbered and may be unavailable in the Euro Cup 2012. The reason is its life span of two years. No need to worry. Like the Psychic Crocodile in Australia and the Psychic parrot in Singapore, other psychics are standing by. And, they might hit the headlines soon.

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