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Evolutionary Astrology – What Does It Mean?

Understanding Evolutionary Conditions of the Soul Through Astrology

Evolutionary Astrology is a study of the human soul and its journey through the re-incarnations where it goes in the universe and into life itself, exploring the reasons that lie beyond hypotheses and possibilities of why and how the individual is where he/she is at the moment of the birth. The study explores also the states of the soul in categorized conditions, whereas we are here to give opinions or follow others, to plant the individualized seed or harvest the collective concepts…


It goes under the skin of death and rebirth, it goes beyond what we council as a paradigm, the motives and reasons we do things as we do, why we are uncomfortable, and why we may be under ‘evil’ working. It also explains our past and other’s life past and how they shape our current life and our choices, and inclinations towards progression, self-destruction, and self-regeneration. The evolutionary path we take as we go through life hard times to the times where we feel complete and feel our desires have been satisfied in a wider scale of what it feels right and what it feels wrong at our soul core.

The term ‘evolutionary astrology’, although long ago firmly studied by others astrology practices (pointing karma issues and past life), it is said it was first called by Ray Merrimen (financial astrologer) in a work (pamphlet) that had later published as a book in 1992 (Evolutionary Astrology:


The Journey of the Soul Through States of Consciousness), Ray has Pluto (death and rebirth) Conjunction Saturn (lord of karma) in Leo (individualized proud) in the eleventh house of astrology, however without debunk, the term ‘evolutionary astrology’ has become more accurate within students by the hands of astrologer Jeff Green, who has also planted schools of evolutionary astrology and has applied lectures around the world by the subject.

 I remember at the beginning when reading articles on the internet about the Pluto in Scorpio Generation I found this website and lacked the knowledge it was about this powerful astrologer whose understanding of the human soul is amazingly beautiful, then I’ve read about him on The Astrology Place, and then my studies started from a more conclusive perspective as I could stand my beliefs through his ideas.


When Pluto was about to enter Scorpio, pioneer astrologer Jeff Green wrote the book “Pluto, Evolutionary Journey of the Soul, Volume 1” foreword by Alan Oken in 1985 when Pluto was entering full Scorpio, where it was since 1983, but the real journey began when the planet was back to Scorpio for good in the 85 (not coming back to Libra as retrograde).

Green intensified the subject by the planet transits through the houses, linking the Lunar Nodes Axis and considering its strong aspects to Pluto for a better and clear vision of what was to come for each individual in the spiritual path of the evolutionary journey of the soul, giving examples for the charts he cited along the book explaining how it would manifest negatively or positively, having in mind also the four natural evolutionary conditions of the souls that he divided and briefly describes each condition, and there they are in a resume:


1. Dimly evolved or de-evolved state: Here we see the first human condition where the individual came from others kind of kingdom such as the animals one, I would even add, extraterrestrial past life’s, we’re here on earth the person has it as a glitch of what being human is all about. Here it could also be described as mental problems and retardation, where the person is having the awareness of the human body as a tool for living on your own.

2. The herd state: Here we see humans the ‘twitter effect’, as they follow society as it is, without putting their question mark, usually accepting the norms and rules as they are. However, Jeff says that having exceeded the state the person may advance ‘the capacity to lead it’.

3.The individualized state: Here we see the kind of opposition to the ‘herd state’, where the person finds motives and reasons beyond what society and governs imposed on them, and make their own mark in the universe, making their thinking come to life, manifesting their intentions towards others, having their capacity to think and therefore to co-exist in the co-existed norms, questioning the points and terms that are man-made or just a point of view that needs a reformer.

4. The spiritual state: according to Jeff, here and the first condition state (dimly state) are the very few people in the world which correlates to it, about two to three percent, where the individual finds answers trough collective thinking wondering about the creation of all, the god that lives a life that we do not know about, the finger that points where it should fall rain with a rainbow by the end, and where it should fall fire from the sky with stones by the end, without prejudice and judgment for the human fellow. Green cited here Jesus and Buddha as great examples of the spiritual state of the soul.

Jeff Green writes about the three reactions to the evolutionary impulse that the individual may unconsciously choose to work with through the process, he writes (I corrected where he wrote reactions to reactions):

“People tend to react to evolutionary necessities karmic requirements in one of three ways. These three possible reactions determine how the evolutionary process will work in our lives. They are:

To resist the evolutionary/karmic requirements altogether.

To respond wholeheartedly and desire to understand what the lessons are for this life and go for it in a nonresistant way.

To be willing to change in some ways, yet resist changing other dynamics because of fear of the unknown.

The first response is a reflection of the desire to maintain separateness from the Source. The second response is a reflection of the desire to known the Source. The third response is a combination of both and is the most common choice. We change a little each lifetime. This is why the evolution of the Soul, the progressive elimination of separating desires, is such a slow process for most.”

– “Pluto, Evolutionary Journey of the Soul, Volume 1” – Jeff Green, foreword by Alan Oken

He explains and divides a condition of our soul that has reached conclusive answers for being at the state the person finds him/herself in, without judgment he deliveries a search that requires an open mind or you may fall for a short perspective of evasive feelings or thinking. The study brings awareness for the soul and the consciousness, bringing the light that by the end of the tunnel is found to be very comfortable, as the phoenix that rises from the ashes and finds the high to tune their wings to fly where no external forces can cause your distortion or pain, but powerful feelings.

Jeff’s latest book was published last year in 2011, foreword by his daughter called The Evolutionary Journey Of The Soul: Essays In Evolutionary Astrology. I hope I will have it by the end of reading all his other books.

Jeff Green points out that Pluto in Firehouses (1/5/9) has ‘special destiny’ to fulfill. The planet Pluto crossing the angular houses (1/4/7/10), as other planets are where the effect remains intact and its manifestations are much more visible and profound.

Pluto impacts and it shows where our fear blocks our very essence to be in peace within ourselves. Where is Pluto crossing your chart? My chart, Pluto is transiting the twelve house of Pisces and is crossing my first house when it reaches 20 degrees Capricorn. However, Saturn is about to enter Scorpio, conjunction my Pluto at 1 degree, and it is about to teach me hard lessons of Pluto and how to tune its best qualities trough intense acts of realizations and discipline.

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