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Pig And Pig Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Introduction: Chinese Pig & Pig Zodiac Signs

The Pig Pig relationship eschews all outside contact in favor of devoting all of their time and energy to each other. This is where the aesthetic of intrinsic pleasure shows in full force. The Pig man and Pig woman revel in the finer things in life, and in the happiness of others.

The Pig, in the Chinese Zodiac, bears little resemblance to its European counterpart. While they are generally associated with laziness, slovenliness, and filth, within the Chinese Zodiac the Pig is seen as being intensely, passionately, carefree. The Pig revels in all things sensual and decadent; to the point of hedonism. The Pig Pig compatibility if fun and can be exciting.

Pig Pig Compaibility. The two Pigs in love will be compatible and sensual together, but this union will be short-lived.

Pig Pig Love Compatibility

The two Pigs in love will be compatible and sensual together, but this union will be short-lived.  As in any social setting, the relative happiness of the individual relies on how happy they can make their partner.

This can lead to uncontrollable positive and negative feedback loops. The mood of one Pig heavily influences the mood of the other, for both good and bad. It can also lead to an inward spiral of sorts in this Pig-Pig friendship.

The male Pig and female Pig couple are not necessarily excluding the rest of the world intentionally, they are simply devoted to their passion for one another. Chinese zodiac sign Pig make the most steadfast of friends and, when crossed, the most implacable of enemies.

The Pig often needs to be reminded of life’s little practicalities, as they are prone to distraction. Their happiness itself often derives from the happiness of others and not from any love compatibility in their partnership.

In social settings, the Pig feeds off of the general mood and will try everything in their power to make the group as a whole happy. Bringing happiness to others is the fastest way to make a this Chinese animal sign happy.

It is important to note at this point a word that will come up often when describing a Pig: passionate. The intense devotion to sensuality, drive to explore, and innate desire for all things sensual leads to experiences of unequaled physical and emotional power.

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Chinese astrology compatibility predicts that in bed, the two Pigs will reciprocate with one another. They will create not just mere fulfillment of physical desires, but encounters of epic proportion. While it must be noted that a pig and pig match may not last long, it will most assuredly be an experience worthy of song and story.

When a pig is dating another pig, they will either enter a very long term relationship built on sensuality or rise meteorically to towering heights of indulgence before plummeting into the depths of unfathomable despair. Do not worry too much about either; it is a natural part of being a Pig. They will bounce back soon enough; just give it time and tissues.

The Pig Pig marriage compatibility is negligible as being similar personalities, they will not last long with each other as soulmates. After the initial attraction, sex and fooling around, a breakup is inevitable.

As business partners, the Chinese pig pig compatibility can be excellent or terrible. They must choose endeavors in which they are intellectually or emotionally invested. Otherwise, they will rapidly lose interest in the drudgery of minutiae and day to day grind. However, when one or more Pigs work together on a project for which they all share a passion, they can go far.

From the perspective of an outsider, or a non-pig, working with them can be quite frustrating. Others may say that Pigs are not capable of accomplishing anything of note. But, to the Pig couple, believing in what they do, enjoying one another’s company, and forming real and lasting interpersonal relationships is far more important than building a monolithic and dominating empire.

The Chinese Pig animal sign must keep watch in these circumstances to keep certain that they aren’t being unfairly taken advantage of. Others may try to direct the energies of the Pig for their own purposes, often at the expense of the Pig in question.

Pig & Pig Chinese Horoscope Compatibility Rated 2 Hearts!

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