Pig And Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Introduction: Chinese Pig & Rabbit Zodiac Signs

The Pig and Rabbit compatibility is very well matched for a wide variety of relationships.

The Pig is industrious and honorable, fiercely protective of the people and ideas that it cares about. They are willing to give one hundred percent to any endeavor they believe in. They are fully capable of spending just as much time lounging as straining under the whip. All Pigs share a passion for the visceral things in life, reveling in every luxurious experience.

Rabbits are one of the more nervous and skittish Chinese animal signs, being perhaps a bit more in line with their namesake than others. Rabbits, as a rule, shy away from any form of confrontation.

They are most comfortable when surrounded by a solid base of friends, family, and routine. The timid and emotionally volatile surface layer of the Rabbit zodiac sign hides a core that is deeply passionate and willing to devote all of their energies to defending those things they care about.

The Pig and Rabbit compatibility is very well matched for a wide variety of relationships.

Pig Rabbit Love Compatibility

The Pig and Rabbit love compatibility is very well matched for a wide variety of relationships. Should they be family members the Pig will provide a loving and supportive launch pad from which the Rabbit can retreat to for shelter and recover for another foray into the world.

The Chinese horoscope compatibility suggests that the Pig and Rabbit soulmates complement each other quite well. The Pig man can allow the non-confrontational Rabbit woman to be comfortable enough to express itself without fear of being crushed. When the female pig starts dating a male rabbit, often times, this will lead to a happy marriage. They will be in love with each other for a longtime to come.

The Rabbit man is also likely to find quiet comfort in the presence of the Pig woman, who shares the ability to find great pleasure in the simplest of things. These two zodiac signs will also be fiercely devoted to and protective of one another in any relationship, ready to leap to the defense of the other perhaps a bit too quickly at times.

The female Rabbit would do well to learn some assertiveness. The male Pig should be of immense help, here, allowing his lover to get comfortable expressing herself in a form that lacks judgment or challenge. Self respect will serve the Rabbit well in life.

There is very little to be found between these two that could breakup a Pig Rabbit relationship. Once the Rabbit becomes comfortable enough with itself in shared presence with the Pig, things can lead rapidly to a level of shared adventurousness rarely seen in other pairings.

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Luxuriating for hours in the company of one another in various states of undress, chatting idly while staring at the ceiling, and other such things are entirely normal in these circumstances. To Pig and Rabbit in bed, sexual intercourse is only one small part of the greater sensual experience.

In a financial partnership, the Pig will tend to reverse its’ normal supporting role and take the fore when it comes to dealing with others. It will, however, be more of a partnership than appears on the surface. Others may largely deal with the Pig and not recognize the hand of the Rabbit in any given decision.

The Pig would loath to make any major decision without first consulting the Rabbit in a somewhat democratic process. There is no real hierarchy between these two. The opinion of each is respected and taken into account in all things.

The differing approaches that each Chinese astrology sign applies and the level of comfort they share leads to the ability to freely speak what is thought or felt. A willingness to accommodate the other can lead to constant and effective compromise in a Pig and Rabbit friendship.

Pig & Rabbit Chinese Horoscope Compatibility Rated 5 Hearts!

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