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Scorpio Scorpio Love Compatibility

Scorpio Scorpio Love Compatibility

How good or bad is the love compatibility between Scorpio and Scorpio emotionally, mentally, and sexually? Read on…

If there’s one word to describe a Scorpio and Scorpio love affair it’s obsession!!! There is an intense passion with these two star signs and both are completely obsessed with one another. They proceed in an accelerated fashion with everything, love, sex, and romance—sometimes to dangerous degrees. The Scorpio Scorpio in bed are wrapped up in steamy, passionate frantic love with each other and sometimes that urgency can translate into anxiety about other things.


And there’s the issue of the scorpion’s stinger; as soft as the Scorpio personality is on the inside, once they are scorned, their stingers come out. Then, there’s no holding back. This Scorpio Scorpio relationship has the potential to be a crowning jewel or mutual destruction.


Scorpio And Scorpio Love Compatibility – Positive

Two Scorpio soul mates have the potential to bring out the best in each other, each try to nurture and protect the other. In fact, both Scorpios become obsessed with protecting their Scorpio love. And this is not a bad thing at all as Scorpios love to protect, but also love to be protected. This symbiotic need works perfectly for each lover.


This is a warning to all those who dare harm a Scorpio’s lover. They will not hesitate to pull out his or her stinger and fight!! And trust me, you will not win against this formidable opponent!! You will lose, and that scorpion stinger is not something one recovers from quickly.

Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto. Mars, God of War, always racing, stampeding ahead, using his passion, aggression and courage to propel him forward. Pluto on the other hand controls the power, destruction, and rebirth, which explains the raging ebbs and flows in this powerful attraction.



These two planets give the Scorpio compatibility its resilience, despite feeling everything so intensely. But also because of these two planets, this Scorpio couple tends to inflate any aspect of their lives from the smallest catastrophe to the most infinitesimal joy. The good part is, that your Scorpio partner will understand, and join in the performance.

Speaking of performances, these two lovers perform in the bedroom!! This isn’t the Oscar-worthy tragedy mentioned earlier; this performance is part three ring circus and part red-hot firecracker! The symbiotic obsession that these two have set them on fire in the bedroom, and the Scorpio sexual lovemaking explodes!


So Scorpio, if you want to feel so symbiotically connected to someone, so protected by someone, so protective of someone, with an unforgettable, sizzling love life? Choose another Scorpio for your love partner!

Scorpio Scorpio Compatibility – Negative

There are boons of a Scorpio and Scorpio friendship. At the same time, Scorpio is passionate, obsessive, and protective…. to the point of abusive jealousy. And here are the problems of a Scorpio and Scorpio love compatibility.

Scorpio is a jealous zodiac sign. Remember Debbi Wood, the most jealous woman in Great Britain? She subjected her fiancé, now husband, to a lie detector test every time he left the house. I can wager that Ms. Wood has some Scorpio in her natal chart because that is classic Scorpio jealousy behavior. Scorpios go mad with jealousy, so much so, that they’ll poise their stinger, without thinking that they may hurt the one they love. Now multiply that level of jealousy times two…twice the Scorpio, twice the stinger! That’s got to hurt!

But the Scorpio zodiac won’t just leave it there. A Scorpio dating another Scorpio will make sure that their lover pays for it. The problem is, their Scorpio partner is out for the same thing! This means a path of destruction where no one wins and both ultimately regret in the long run, if they both survive a Scorpio Scorpio breakup.

The core of the problem of a Scorpio Scorpio marriage is trust issues. They doubt everyone and anyone. This leads to a lot of tension in this Scorpio and Scorpio love compatibility. The Scorpion just needs to let go and take it easy. They need to share their problems before it is too late.


Scorpio and Scorpio soulmates, above all other couples, must let go and say what they want, what they feel, what they need. Do not let pent-up emotions spoil your relationships. Also, jealousy between Scorpio men and Scorpio women has to be done away with. If your Scorpio lover adores you the way you adore him or her, then she will come back to you as faithful as ever!

Scorpio is a fixed sign, this means you two will be intensely productive, almost intuitively so! Remember to focus on the very productive aspects of this horoscope match, and not what draws you apart. Focus on working together, rather than allowing jealousy to tear you apart.

Scorpio And Scorpio Compatibility – Conclusion

The best thing about a Scorpio and Scorpio love compatibility is the intensity of love that this couple can feel towards each other. Their love for each other is never-ending. Even when the Scorpio star sign is doing its worst, it is all for love. Their shared power and perseverance make them an unstoppable pair! And their symbiotic devotion to one another pledges that this Scorpio Scorpio relationship will endure a lifetime.

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