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Personality Plus Test – Florence Litnauer

Personality Plus Test

The personality plus test created by Florence Littauer is an excellent tool for learning about your character traits and special skills. In our current era this can be very useful in seeking employment and in knowing where you need to work on your skills in social interactions. The test is available free online and the Florence the tower personality plus test is reasonably quick and very accurate. Get your test today and discover more about yourself.

The Personality Plus Test is based on four key personality types. The personality types are: popular sanguine, powerful choleric, perfect melancholy and peaceful phlegmatic. The Florence Litnauer personality test is meant to demonstrate personality types and the interaction that these types are likely to have with other individuals.

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This is a self-administered test and the analysis is rooted in scientific methodology and testing systems which provide an in depth psychological profile of an individual.

This test shows you how you interact with others not only your personality type which is unique among personality tests. It shows your interaction not only with friends and family but with fellow workers, colleagues and others outside your main circle. Each of the four personality types have their own individual results the results are expressed as percentages.

The example used showed a result that was 86% phlegmatic and this is a person who would be a bit of an introvert, who will watch from the sidelines and is a little bit pessimistic sometimes. This person also showed as 46% choleric and 40% melancholy. Sanguine was not shown in their testing.

Powerful choleric is dominant and dynamic, often highly capable in terms of motivation, cold, willful and independent. This person can come across as arrogant and somewhat domineering and must be a little bit cautious. They run everything as if it were a business, planned and organized.

Personality Plus Profile Test

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Perfect melancholy this group of people is usually analytical and logical. They are usually sensitive and serious, they have great creative and artistic skills, and they care about others and are there in times of trouble. They are devoted as a friend but like the sideline and in what the work world they are perfectionists. They are excellent with the detail but very particular. They always complete with the start.

The sanguine personality is generally a very charming individual who attracts everyone they also may enjoy being the center of attention, are full of life talk a lot often with the humorous event, makes friends readily, is an excellent parent and does not just to give you a little idea of how the different personality type is described.

This is an excellent tool for becoming aware of your particular skills and where you may have faults. For example the powerful choleric is a superb leader but can appear domineering. In 2017, an awareness of our skills has become an essential. This can allow us to find appropriate employment and to become more successful in life.

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