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Chinese Ox Zodiac Compatibility : Who Should An Ox Marry?

Ox Compatibility: Who is the Best Match for the Ox Sign?

Read on to know more about the Ox compatibility in love, business, marriage friendship and relationships with the 12 Chinese zodiac signs.

Ox and Rat:

The Ox is attracted to Rat’s lighthearted zest for life in Rat Chinese compatibility and Rat is attracted to Ox’s honor and trustworthiness. Ox can be serious, shy, and even rigid where Rat is social, outgoing, and fun. This may be a case where opposites attract. But they both have a close connection with their family and friends. Although Rat is a partygoer, he is loyal and supportive to his loved ones so Ox and Rat have this in common. Also, Rat can bring Ox out of his shell while Ox provides Rat with stability.   Both are also very sensual and giving so they will make a great match in the bedroom also.


Ox and Ox:

This Chinese Zodiac Ox compatibility is strong and dependable so together they are a force to be reckoned with. They work well together as long as they divvy out who is in control of what. Their home will be neat, clean, and peaceful. Their problem is that their relationship is too harmonious; they lack spice and spontaneity and even drama.

Neither Ox man or Ox woman is outgoing or social so they will have a hard time meeting people and getting out. At parties, they tend to shy away and hang out in corners but one on one they are comfortable and friendly. These two will most likely have a close and committed relationship.


Ox and Tiger:

Tiger can be quite wild and untamable yet the Ox is reliable and strong in this Chinese love compatibility. Tiger is adventurous when the Ox is reserved. These two make an interesting pair. If they make their differences work for each other then this duo can last.   Both love family and have caring natures. Tiger can be unpredictable and moody but this doesn’t mean he doesn’t care or can’t be trusted and Ox will grow to understand this. And Tiger’s charm will help win Ox over. They can both learn a lot from each other. Tiger can learn to slow down and Ox can learn to try new things.


Ox and Rabbit:

Chinese Ox and Rabbit are extremely compatible in the Chinese Astrology compatibility. They have a lot in common. They both enjoy quiet evenings at home. Also, they would both rather be with their friends and family than in-crowd. They also work well together in business. Ox can take the lead while Rabbit follows.

These are two of the kindest souls in the Zodiac but they have a hard time expressing themselves because they are so shy but together they can blossom. Rabbit likes having guests at home so this will help Ox open up. Ox will respect Rabbit’s compassionate nature where others might take advantage.


Ox and Dragon:

These two are great together in this Chinese Horoscope compatibility. As lovers and soulmates, they are both passionate. Ox isn’t terribly romantic but Dragon will work with that. As business partners, these two rule because Dragon is driven by power so money flows his way which Ox appreciates. Ox will bring diligence, dependability, and hard work to the team. Ox usually avoids arguments and conflicts but when these two do fight it will be big. They will have to be careful to respect the other’s moods and interests. They are both hot-tempered and passionate so it will serve them well to give one another space time and again so when they come back together their love is renewed.

Ox and Snake:

The Ox’s practical nature suits the Snake’s intuition. They will do business well together because Snake deals naturally with the public while Ox works well behind the scenes. It will take some compromise but both prefer quality to quantity and depth over the superficial. Ox will help to tame the Snake’s jealous nature in Ox relationship compatibility because with the dependable Ox there is no need to feel insecure. Snake may flirt some, which will upset Ox. But Ox will grow to understand as long as she comes home and it doesn’t turn into more than just flirtation.

Ox and Horse:

The Horse is a wild and free spirit who likes to roam free. The Horse may not like being pressured to settle down but the Ox is all about stability in Ox relationship compatibility. Ox also prefers quiet evenings at home while Horse loves adventure and going out. Although these two have their differences in Ox marriage compatibility, they may work out if they compromise. There are also some favorable attributes that they may appreciate in each other. Horse has a hard time letting its guard down but the caring Ox might be just the sign to make the Horse feel loved and supported. Horse will appreciate being able to lean on the strong Ox in times of need.

Ox Compatibility with Sheep:

Ox and Sheep don’t usually get along well. Sheep thinks Ox is too uptight and Ox thinks Sheep is too loose. They can get along if they really work at it.

The Goat is private and somewhat skittish with attention where the Ox is shy and reserved. Sheep is dreamy and creative while Ox is hardworking and strong. Sheep do appreciate Ox’s dependability and Ox will grow to admire Sheep’s eccentricities, which show Ox new things. Ox is usually very thrifty and saves its money while Sheep likes to spend so they may argue over money as well. They will have to take care to respect each other’s ways to make this relationship last.

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Ox Compatibility With Monkey:

This may seem like an unlikely pair, as Ox is practical and steady while Monkey is quick and agile.   Monkey is sociable while Ox is shy. One of the biggest issues is that Monkey doesn’t like to be tied down to a committed relationship but Ox is the opposite. Ox would like nothing better than a partner for life. Ox would like to hang out at home when Monkey wants to out. Monkeys may sometimes cheat or seek stimulation outside of marriage. This is because Monkey enjoys new experiences so much. They can be faithful if they are granted a large degree of freedom within their relationship but this can be difficult for the loyal and faithful Ox to do and understand. It will take some compromise but it isn’t impossible for these two!

Ox and Rooster:

Ox and Rooster can be fairly successful in love for they have a lot in common. Both have practical and rational natures. Both belief in hard work and achieving success.   They share a love of home and domestic pleasures. Their only issues are perhaps getting out of their comfort zone. Also, Ox can be very rigid and resistant to change; Rooster can be a perfectionist. Sometimes they are almost too alike to get along but if they can try to push themselves and appreciate their similarities and comfort, they will go a long way together.

Ox Compatibility with Dog:

The Dog can be moody so Ox might be the rock he needs. Although Ox zodiac will need to try to constantly reassure Dog as he can be insecure sometimes.   When Dog is happy and occupied in a strong relationship then he is great but when he feels unloved or unappreciated he can tend to look elsewhere for reassurance. If the Ox can provide emotional security, things may work outright for this couple. If not and Dog strays Ox may not be able to forgive as he takes loyalty and trust very seriously. But otherwise, they are both honest and giving so they may be happy for a long time together.

Ox and Pig:

Ox compatibility with Pig  is a great match. They both have a love of the simple life. Also, they enjoy peace. They would prefer to spend an evening with each other rather than out with others. However, the Boar can be more sensitive and emotional than Ox. Boar can also be very stubborn so with Ox’s resistance to change when these two argue or disagree it will be difficult for them to compromise. They will have to learn to do so though and when they do they find that they can be happy. They are both highly sexual and passionate so this will help their compatibility and love life.

Ox Relationship Compatibility: Conclusion

Chinese Ox is highly compatible with the Chinese Zodiacs Rat, Snake, and Rooster, while zodiacs Tiger, Dragon, Horse, and Sheep are the average matches. The year 2022 promises to be financially a great year and there will be plenty of prosperity and abundance.

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