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Chakra Tarot Spread – Improve Your Life Today!

The Chakra Spread in Tarot

The Chakra spread is normally a seven-card vertical spread with each card corresponding to each chakra. A New Age Tarot reading with the Chakra spread can identify the energy flow condition in each chakra. It also shows how they correspond to the querent’s general life situation or specific issue of concern.


The Chakra Energy

The Chakras or energy centers of the subtle body correspond to specific parts of the physical body. These energy centers run alongside or through the spine and up to the top of the head. Each center relates to different aspects of our lives. Energy or chi flows within and through the Chakras to keep the body, mind, and spirit balanced. Issues or blockages in one or more chakras can throw someone off balance.


Chakras and Energy Centers

There are many theories about how many Chakras the body contains. The most accepted number in Western New Age thought is seven.


1: Root Chakra: Located in the tailbone- Corresponds with the color red- Deals with the physical or material needs, stability, and earth energy


2: Sacral Chakra: Located in the lower abdomen and sexual organs- Corresponds with the color orange- Deals with creativity, reproduction, artistic ability, adapting to change

3: Solar Plexus Chakra: Located in the stomach area- Corresponds with the color yellow- Deals with personal power, will, and confidence

4: Heart Chakra: Located in the heart- Corresponds with the color green- Deals with love for others, love for self, compassion, empathy

5: Throat Chakra: Located in the neck and throat- Corresponds with the color blue- Deals with self-expression, artistic expression, communication, and listening.

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6: Third Eye Chakra: Located in the center of the forehead and above the brow- Corresponds with the color indigo- Deals with perception, intuition, and “third sight.”

7: Crown Chakra: Locate on the top of the head- Corresponds with the color violet- Deals with our connection to our higher self, God Conscious, the infinite being

Chakras and Energy Balancing

Each chakra deals with your life aspect. So, you already know what issue the corresponding card addresses. This is a great spread for a general reading. It also works well with specific questions. You can see which energy center positively and negatively affects the specific issue.

Therefore, you can deal with a specific situation by concentrating on actions that will clear blocked chakras. This encourages behaviors that maintain chakras that are already in balance.

Using the Tarot to improve the flow of energy in your life can be a great tool for positive change!

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