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Pig And Dog Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Introduction: Chinese Pig & Dog Zodiac Signs

The Pig and Dog compatibility is quite good as each understands the other’s moods and nature.

The Pig is a passionate and intellectual creature who is mostly at home in the lap of luxury. This can and does include reveling in such simple pleasures as the taste of a good meal or a particularly comfortable chair. The Chinese zodiac sign Pig is happiest when making others happy.

The Chinese animal sign Dog is loyal and honest, but has trouble trusting others. The simple truth is that others have an immense amount of difficulty in measuring up to the inhumanly high standards against which the Dog measures everyone and everything. Dogs are prone to mood swings and will bounce back and forth between the need to socialize and to be alone.

The Pig and Dog compatibility is quite good as each understands the other's moods and nature.

Pig Dog Love Compatibility

When the pig is dating the dog, expect some fireworks. The love compatibility between these two Chinese horoscope signs can only get better with time.

In love, the Pig Dog compatibility can be a very refreshing experience with very little chances of breakup. This can even lead to marriage, predicts Chinese astrology compatibility.

The mood swings to which the Dog is prone should not be too much of an issue, as the Pig is generally laid back and patient enough to weather the storm. It can, however, become a serious problem if the Dog man or woman is unwilling to bend or flex on their high standards.

The Chinese astrology sign Pig will attempt to make the Dog happy, which will become impossible due to the aforementioned mood swings. The Pig, feeling slighted and maligned by the willfulness with which it seems the Dog refuses to be made happy, can become malicious and vindictive.

Any Pig and Dog relationship will be subject to high and low points that are likely to coincide with Dogs’ mood. Another possible point of friction is that Dogs tend to be very physically active. Pigs tend to like the comforts of home and hearth. As long as each party is comfortable allowing the other their own space in which to follow their individual pleasures, this Pig Dog love compatibility will operate much more smoothly.

Sex is most assuredly a venue in which the Pig and Dog soulmates can work together to great effect. The sensuality and willingness to please attitude of the Pig combined with the naturally high energy and adventurous spirit of the Dog can lead to very exciting and fulfilling places.

When the Pig and Dog are in bed, the differing sexual energy levels may cause some issues; a little patience and understanding need be applied here. A Pig may feel that the Dog is interrupting their relaxation with demands. The Dog may well feel that the Pig is uninterested. The Pig may not be as active as often as the Dog, but it should be kept in mind that individual sexually passionate encounters will be well worth the wait and may even be stretched out to cover an entire day.

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In a Pig and Dog friendship, there are a number of ways that both can work exceptionally well together. The male or female Dog can make use of the Pigs’ drive to please others and get them to work exceptionally hard. The Pig male or female must be on the lookout to keep from being taken advantage of.

However, if the Pig man or woman truly believes in the endeavor that is being pursued, they will be more than willing to devote every effort to see it through. The Dog in this instance can provide invaluable direction to the pairing. In fact, they find themselves expending a significant amount of energy doing just that.

They will be finding suitable partners, cutting contact with losing propositions, and discovering the true motives and intentions of potential clients. The adventurous nature of the Dog and tendency of the Pig to be a homebody can be readily exploited here for mutual benefit. Leave the office to the Pig and let the Dog out to handle trips and meetings.

Pig & Dog Chinese Horoscope Compatibility Rated 5 Hearts!

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