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Tarot Astrology – Justice Card for Libra Zodiac Sign

Mastery of Transformation – Sign of Libra with Justice Tarot Card

The Justice card is where we realize that life is fair and just, and at the same time we create our sense of justice. The action of this card is knowing and expressing the truth of the heart. It is not about adherence to a set of rules in a book of the law. It is a card of an attitude adjustment.


It offers us the opportunity to take responsibility for what we are creating in our lives and how we feel about change. Justice card helps us to look at why we want to change, and whether it is from a place of love or fear. Responsibility is not the same thing as blame. True responsibility is nothing more than the ability to respond to life from a place of love.


1. Vedic Astrology

In Vedic astrology, Justice is the sign of Libra, a cardinal air sign ruled by the planet Venus. Remember that Venus is the Empress card. Venus and the Empress are about compassion, enjoyment, and acceptance of all that is. Libra is the sign of the heart’s expression, like beautiful art or visions of life in harmony and balance.


Libra is about being in a heart-centered place of compassion and expressing that compassion in loving gestures to create peace and kindness. The Justice card reminds us of the acceptance of the Empress and the realization that life is perfect as it is.


If our actions come from a place of judgment and resistance, we are restricting the flow of positive change in our lives. If we come to life with an open heart, we allow for positive change to occur.

According to my understanding of Toltec shamanism, we are deep in the mastery of transformation. The last three cards: Strength, Hermit, and Fortune represent the initiating triad of the mastery of transformation. These three cards help us to reclaim our energy and cultivate an awareness of our center, the place where all change is possible.

2. Justice Card

The Justice Card begins the integration triad of the mastery of transformation by offering advice on how to act from this place of center in your life. Many times when people begin working with the Toltec tools they are thinking about the magical experiences they will have.


But even more than fantastical shamanic dream powers, the Toltec path is really about adjusting your attitude. The desire for power can be based on feeling victimized by life. The desire to change can be based on the attitude of the judge, who sees everything as wrong. These two false personalities represent how we sabotage ourselves whenever we are trying to create positive change in our lives.

The Justice card is essentially about you deciding for yourself what is true. You are the judge and the jury of your own life. Justice reminds us to be fair, loving, compassionate, and forgiving when looking at the things you’d like to change about yourself.

Similarly, you decide if your life is a punishment or a reward. You decide whether you deserve love or rejection. You give yourself permission to be happy. In the end, you get what you give, because all that matters is the love that comes through you. What matters is not the outcome, but the love behind your actions.

Find the Justice card and place it somewhere you will see it. Invite the energy of the Justice card into all parts of your life, especially places where you feel injustice and imbalance.

Ask yourself why you seek change, whether it is out of fear or love. Remind yourself that you are the only one who can give yourself permission to be happy. And practice being compassionate and forgiving to yourself.

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