Birthday Number 19 – Born On The 19th Day Of The Month

Birthday Number 19 – Features

People born on the nineteenth of the month are very successful and ambitious. They are usually leaders, so they will likely find themselves in a position of authority at some time in their lives. These types are hard working, individualistic and independent. They are willing to take risks to get what they want. The birthday number 19 personality enjoy the challenge. When they pursue what they want they usually get it. If they do not go after what they want, then it will not fall into their laps.

Those born on the 19th will do best in their life if they go after the things that they want with a good and positive attitude. It will also help to wear their lucky colors and do things (as much as possible) on their lucky days.

Lucky colors are gold and yellow or orange based on birthday number 19 numerology. Their lucky days are Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays. Lucky jewels are rubies and emeralds. Lucky stones are moonstone and anything light green.

Born on the Nineteenth – Personality

Those born on the 19th also have the additional influence of their power number or birthday number 19. Those with double digits want to take a look at all the numbers in their life. They would look at the one, the nine and the nineteen. Birthday number 19 people are usually confident, outgoing and determined. However, they can come across as aloof, inflexible or egotistical.

Birthday Number 19

So is 19 a lucky number? Nineteen is a healing number so those with this number will face a point of healing at some time in their lives. They will be grateful for this ability and strength. Nineteens are also lucky financially. They have lots of willpower and determination to get what they want. Luckily they have the determination and drive to go for what they want. When they go for it, they usually get it.

Those born on the 1st or 19th have much in common with the Leo zodiac sign. If they run into this sign, they have probably met them before in a past life. Those with the birth number 19 are usually very generous and love to give extravagant gifts. They love to share with those they love and might feel empty without doing this. Fortunately, they are hard working and successful. They will be better off if they can find a partner that is as hardworking as they are.

Those with birthday number 19 tend to change jobs every few years. This can make it difficult to save. They would be best suited for a career that allows them to do many things, wear many hats, as they say. Advertising, newspapers, and cinema could be good fits for these people. Also, sales, interior design, management positions or health and research industries would fit them too.

Birthday Number Analysis

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Birth Date 19 Numerology – Things to Avoid & Suggestions

Nineteens can have a quick temper, but they don’t stay mad for long. These types are independent and outspoken but have to be careful because not everyone is like them. Sometimes they can be shy, but then they will not see as much success as when they push for it.

Birthday number 19 have to be cautious not to spend beyond their means. They probably wouldn’t save even if they did not buy for others. Therefore, it will likely take them until they are in their 30’s to be in a more comfortable position in their lives. They have to be cautious to not take on too big a mortgage or loan as well.

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