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Star of Bethlehem Flower Symbolism: Purity and Honesty

Star of Bethlehem Flower: Symbolism and Meaning

The scientific name of the Star of Bethlehem Flower symbolism is Ornithogalum Umbellatum. It is native to the Mediterranean and grows into great and beautiful foliage. This flower is found in many Christmas floral arrangements. It holds great meaning to the Birth of Jesus Christ.


This flower is mostly used in religious holidays, and it signifies purity, honesty, grace, forgiveness, and honesty. This flower stands out because it has lasting power. Once this flower is cut, it can last in a floral arrangement for a month without withering. It is an exceptional flower to have during the holiday season.

This flower belongs to the Lily family, and it blooms in the Spring through early Summer. It is not native to the United States of America, though it is highly grown by people. It grows well in well-drained soils and does not need high maintenance.


The Star of Bethlehem flowers are unique because they open in the mornings and close in the evenings. This characteristic makes them good for flower gardens. These flowers might be attractive, but they are not good for livestock because they possess toxic alkaloids poisonous to livestock.

What Meaning Does this Flower Hold?

In appearance, the Star of Bethlehem flower mimics the wild garlic. These flowers bloom easily, but their plants are hard to maintain. They grow fast and can threaten the native plants that grow around them. The Star of Bethlehem flower can be found in two colors, that is, white and orange.


This flower is a sign of happiness and joy. At all times, you need to be happy about the great things happening in your life. This flower also urges you to have a forgiving heart. Do not hold grudges. Instead, forgive the people who have wronged you and ask for forgiveness from the people you have wronged.

Always be hopeful for a better tomorrow. Do not look at the challenges you face now and want to give up on life. Take one step at a time, and you will eventually get to where you are going. Do not let anything hold you back from becoming the best that you can be. Challenges will come and go in your life, but you should always be confident enough to overcome them.


The Star of Bethlehem Flower’s meaning wants you always to be happy with your progress in life. Also, be open to changes that are taking place because they will eventually elevate your life.

The Symbolic Meaning of the Star of Bethlehem Flower

The Star of Bethlehem gets its name from its star-like appearance and pure white petals. Having that is in the form of a star, its meaning is tied to the Birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem. Legend has it that God created this flower to guide the three wise men who were headed to see Jesus Christ in Bethlehem.

Once the purpose of the great star was done, God saw that it was too beautiful for the same to be banished, so he crushed it and let it fall to earth. The pieces of the star landed on Earth and forth sprang the Star of Bethlehem flowers.

This flower holds significant meaning to Christians who believe in the birth of Christ. They believe that God sent His son to redeem the world, which was drowned in sin.

Meaning of the Different Colors Associated with This Flower

White Color

White is a sign of purity, humility, and innocence. The white Star of Bethlehem Flower urges you always to be pure with your intentions and live an honest life if you want to thrive. Ensure that you are kind and compassionate towards others.

This is the perfect flower to present to someone who regards you as pure and holds close to your heart.

You can also present this flower to someone you have wronged, showing them that you are sorry about something you did.

Orange Color

These flowers can, at times, be found in orange. Orange is a sign of undying love, care, affection, friendship, and optimism. In all you do in life, always be optimistic. Live life one day at a time so that you can get the best of the same.

Botanical Characteristics of The Star of Bethlehem Flower

History records that the bulbs of this flower were boiled and eaten like potatoes, and to date, some people still eat them and rely on them for great nutrients.

Ancient people ate these bulbs raw or even dried and crushed them for food while on pilgrimages and long journeys.

This flower has medicinal properties that many people appreciate. It is believed that the Star of Bethlehem relieves lung congestion, improves heart function, and is at times used as a diuretic.

The nature and appearance of the Star of Bethlehem cause it to be used in flower arrangements on occasions such as weddings, christenings, baptisms, and anniversaries.

They hold great religious meaning to many people. It signifies purity which is associated with baptism and the beginning of life.

Star of Bethlehem Flower Symbolism: Conclusion

This flower’s meaning carries with it the hope of a better future. Do not give up on yourself because you have all you need to make your life worth living. Count yourself lucky to have loved ones who are always by your side. They will support you in all you do.

To live your best life, you need to be honest with yourself. Stay true to yourself and indulge in activities that lead you to earn an honest living. Getting money and other gifts from dishonest dealings is easy, but you will have to face the consequences of your actions at the end of the day.

Star of Bethlehem symbolism calls on you to do all you can to ensure that you support your loved ones. Do not be selfish with your blessings. Share them with the world, and God will bless you abundantly. Never take your life for granted. Appreciate all the great things you have going for you.

See the beauty in life and appreciate the same. Just like the Star of Bethlehem graces us with its beauty, you should show the world how beautiful you are in and out. Live a positive life that will enable people to look up to you. Be a role model to the many people that adore and love you.

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