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Pig And Dragon Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Introduction: Chinese Pig & Dragon Zodiac Signs

The Pig and Dragon compatibility can be excellent provided each one learns how to handle the other.

The Pig is a noble and honorable sign that contrasts industriousness with passion. They are equally at home churning away at productive tasks as also lounging on a sofa. This Chinese astrology sign may not tend to be the greatest of leaders. But they are more than capable when it comes to taking directions and getting things done.

The Dragon is a powerful, tenacious, motivated Chinese animal sign that gravitates toward any position of power and authority. It is only natural – in their mind, no one less will do. Destined to be the center of attention, the Dragon will bring to bear an immense arsenal of charm, wit, and charisma to collect a coterie of disparate followers. They must remember not to become megalomaniacs. They take losing, even the perception of losing, very poorly.

The Pig and Dragon compatibility can be excellent provided each one learns how to handle the other.

Pig Dragon Love Compatibility

The Pig and dragon love compatibility can be one of its kind. Even while dating, they can be the best of friends or be at each other’s throat. Chinese zodiac compatibility shows that this can be one of the better love matches of the zodiac.

The energy of the Dragon can be refreshing to the normally sedentary Pig, but it can also grate with such intensity that the normally laid back Pig can be heard to grind their teeth. The Pig man or woman may be more than willing to provide attention to the Dragon man or woman.

But danger lies in the Chinese Dragon’s ego. Their temper can be quite difficult to follow, let alone predict, because of how strongly they feel the joy of victory and the agony of defeat. The Dragon, quite simply, lives a life of epic drama that can be quite unbalancing and uncomfortable to any self-respecting Pig.

The Pig and Dragon in love very closely share an affinity for passionate closeness. But the Dragon is not so willing to bask in the afterglow or luxuriate in bed all day. There is always something that requires their attention and someone who needs to be reminded of the Dragon’s presence and superiority.

The Pig-Dragon in bed will sexually be compatible. But expect it to be a series of short, but electrifying, encounters of high intensity, interspersed wildly throughout the schedule of the Dragon. Problems may arise in this marriage from the energetic Dragon viewing the relaxed and comfortable Pig as lazy and lose interest rapidly. This will unfortunately lead to a breakup of the Pig and Dragon relationship.

Due to their passionate nature, a Pig male or female will never be truly happy unless working toward something that they deeply believe in. Their otherwise laid back nature leads to a passion for sensuality and experience. They revel in all five senses and find great satisfaction in both being comfortable and making others happy.

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Here we come to a place where a working Pig Dragon friendship can be quite profitable. Dragons do tend to be natural managers, easily able to keep track of dozens of people and developing situations, then directing every person to where their efforts will produce the greatest return on investment.

They are also quite capable of doing all of this with a smile and a nod, keeping everyone motivated through sheer charisma. They do nothing by half measures. They are bigger, louder, stronger, and faster than everyone. A formidable foe or wily opponent will generate either an emotional crash or drive the Dragon to better the challenge.

Because of this, the Chinese zodiac sign Dragon throws every effort into whatever task may be at hand, which can be quite alluring to the Pig’s affinity for passion. Should the Pig and Dragon soulmates ever disagree, it will be quite some time before either is capable of coming to an accord with the other.

Pig & Dragon Chinese Horoscope Compatibility Rated 4 Hearts!

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