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Pig And Ox Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Introduction: Chinese Pig & Ox Zodiac Signs

These two signs in the Pig and Ox relationship share a number of common features; this is both good and bad. Getting any relationship started in the first place might take a considerable amount of effort.

The Pig Chinese zodiac sign is naturally sensual. This means that whenever the Pig isn’t seen working, they’re probable lounging in a comfortable chair, eating something delicious, or doing everything they can to make others happy. They must, however, believe in what they are doing in order to be happy.

The Ox is a plodding and methodical sign that takes nothing for granted and pays due attention to every detail. They are neither stupid nor slow; rather,  deliberate and measured.

The Pig and Ox love compatibility can be good if they are both willing to make  a few adjustments.

Pig Ox Love Compatibility

The Pig and Ox love compatibility can be good if they are both willing to make a few adjustments. A pig dating an ox, can make this a very pleasant experience.

If, the Pig and Ox in love can manage to avoid deeply offending one another long enough to develop a working relationship, it is entirely possible for these two to bond on a deep and lasting level.

In a Pig and Ox marriage, each values a comfortable and stable home life, whether with family, friends, or lovers, and will greatly appreciate receiving the same from each other.

The Pig is seen by many to be lazy or unmotivated; this is likely to offend the Ox and its sense of duty. If either offends the other on more than a superficial level, it is entirely likely that the Pig Ox compatibility will never get beyond being coldly polite to one another in public. Then this relationship is bound to breakup.

The Pig man or Pig woman is a hard worker, a noble and honorable sign that will put forth every effort toward any goal in which they believe. They are passionate creatures who tend toward a strict sense of honor and propriety.

They are not lazy by any stretch of the imagination. They are quite capable of being downright malicious with those whom they feel have crossed themselves or another whom they care about.

The Chinese astrology sign Ox does not like to do anything with haste or without due consideration. Oxen are quite capable of being sturdy, supportive, and loving creatures at home, but tend toward uncompromising stubbornness in public venues.

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The Ox man or Ox woman may come across as proud, uncaring, and judgmental; which is likely to be entirely at odds with the Pigs’ sense of honor and comfort.

It is entirely possible for the Pig and Ox soulmates to exist together, but is far more likely that they will have a platonic relationship. This will be built on mutual support and the monumental effort required to keep the other from alienating one another with unintentional offenses.

The Ox does tend to prefer to spend as much time as directly and intimately as possible with potential lovers, as they are often uncomfortable in large groups. This alone time can work quite well for both parties.

In such a setting, the Pig can bring to bear the full force of its luxuriant sensuality to pry the Ox out of its stubborn and often dogmatic shell. Sexually, the pig and ox in bed, will make excellent partners. Too much of a good thing can be just as bad as none, as both signs possess stubborn streaks and can be quite determined to get their own way if pressed.

The Chinese horoscope compatibility between these two signs will find great success in business. They are not likely to create a fast-moving and rapidly changing company, but rather a hard-working and methodical enterprise that uses conservative, tried and true methods to grind inexorably toward their goals.

In the field of business, the tendency of the Ox to be stubborn and bluntly honest can be quite useful assets. Potential partners, customers, and opponents will know exactly where they stand with the Ox, for good or ill, and how the duo is likely to react.

Overall, the male Pig and female Ox friendship can be great but a love match seems a little bit difficult though not impossible! The same can be said for a female pig and male pig couple.

Pig & Ox Chinese Horoscope Compatibility Rated 3 Hearts!

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