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Rat And Dragon Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Introduction: Chinese Rat & Dragon Zodiac Signs

A dragon, simply put is a born leader, feisty and a perfectionist. All qualities similar to rats, except maybe for the perfectionist, a rat tends to be a little disorganized and often accumulates clutter.

The rat is able to play off the dragon’s crazy, intense energy and brings its own with it. The dragon is often over confident, quick to lose their temper, and known to have big mouths.rat dragon compatibility

Rat Dragon Love Compatibility

The rat and dragon love compatibility will work well together because they each allow the other to maintain their individual freedom. The fact that these two Chinese horoscope signs are able to let one another still remain themselves helps them to develop lasting trust in their relationship.

When the Chinese Rat and Dragon come together, it is nearly perfection in all types of relationships between the two. These two Chinese animal signs unquestionably love to be the absolute center of attention, and often the powerful Rat Dragon couple is the center of their close network of friends.

A dragon hates even a hint of a thought of growing old. Losing power for a dragon is tremendously unbearable. The rats love of the night life and social events and functions can help the dragon in their pursuit for youth.

This Rat man Dragon woman relationship is a strong one in terms of love. Sexually, Rat Dragon soulmates makes excellent partners in bed.

If the occasional argument does arise between the rat and the dragon, they will often find them a bit fun and electrifying. These little quarrels will resolve rather quickly.

The dragon’s rather large ego can be a problem, as the rat has their own agenda to endorse and little time for the dragon’s ego. The dragon needs to learn to be less controlling, but at the same time the rat needs to be a little more considerate of the dragon’s positive qualities.

In an intimate Rat and Dragon marriage or friendship, if the man is a dragon and the woman a rat he is clearly the boss. The rat female will do anything and everything for the dragon man, but knows that he will in return take care of her. This pair finds it very easy to trust one another.

When the rat is a man and the dragon is a woman she will demand constant admiration from him. After enough time of this constant demand the rat male will become annoyed, but never enough to cause a Rat Dragon breakup.

Another small issue to arise is the rat’s money hoarding. These two will fight and then laugh their way to a resolution. The dragon and the rat truly share excellent Chinese zodiac compatibility.

From a business perspective the rat and the dragon work very well together. The rat knows how important it is for the dragon to be the one in center stage. This works fine for the rat as they are comfortable running things from back stage.

The Chinese dragon zodiac sign hates to take orders, but is intelligent and can do just about anything they put their minds to this. This has the ability to make them great leaders.

But often this sign is too generous and that’s where the rat working backstage with shrewdness comes into play. This business relationship can be very successful.

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