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Pig And Tiger Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Introduction: Chinese Pig & Tiger Zodiac Signs

The Pig and Tiger compatibility will work, but it will take tremendous effort by both parties.

Pigs are a study in contrasts, being both exceptionally hard workers and quite capable of spending two hours lounging in a bubble bath. The Pig is passionate but stable.

The Tiger zodiac sign is a free roaming and temperamental creature who do not react well to closed doors. Any time that a Tiger is prevented from doing anything, regardless of whether they wanted to do it or not, they will feel compelled to do that thing anyway. This will be just to spite those who said no, or flee from the situation entirely.

The Pig and Tiger relationship will work, but it will take tremendous effort by both parties.

Pig Tiger Love Compatibility

The Pig Tiger love compatibility is pretty good in all aspects. When a Pig is dating a Tiger, they will have an exciting time.

The homebody Pig may seem far too constrictive for the Tiger, while the constantly roaming Tiger may seem tumultuous to the Pig. An accord must be reached where the Pig allows the Tiger to roam whenever he or she feels like, which, ironically, will reduce their need to do so.

In Chinese astrology, the Tiger is more apt to feel the need to wander if it feels trapped or stuck. If allowed the freedom to come and go, they will feel much more comfortable as a whole. However, it should be kept in mind that the Tiger man or woman is as much a cat as any feline, and will wander off from time to time. They need to make certain to remind their Pig lover that they will be back. They tend toward self importance and must either be the center of attention or alone.

The Pig man or woman believes in building a small core of home, family, friends, and lovers that they will defend with great zeal and pamper with all forms of earthly pleasure imaginable. They will toil endlessly to construct and defend this household, while spending every moment not working in the pursuit of happiness.

The Pig and Tiger soulmates in love is not only entirely possible, but highly likely. The aura of mystery and fondness for sensuality will draw the male Tiger to the Pig female, while the male Pig will likely be drawn directly to the female Tiger’s natural sexuality.

Tigers love to tease and view seduction as a challenge. Everyone they meet is a potential lover to be won. They are equally capable of sensuality as Pigs are, and will revel in the experience. However, once the sexual conquest in bed in a Pig Tiger relationship has been completed, the Tiger is likely to wander off.

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According to Chinese zodiac compatibility, it is quite possible for these two to have a long and healthy marriage. But it will take constant effort by both parties to keep lines of communication open and maintain mutual understanding.

The Pig and Tiger friendship can work exceptionally well together in any enterprise. The industriousness of the Pig and challenge seeking nature of the Tiger can lead these two to overcoming even the greatest of challenges. It must be kept in mind, however, that the Tiger is somewhat emotionally unstable in the eyes of the Pig.

Tigers react unpredictably to perceptions of defeat and can run the whole gamut from seeing it as a challenge to overcome and better itself all the way through to complete and utter emotional collapse. The Pig in this case must act behind the scenes, on a constant basis, to maintain their partner’s stability.

At any point, be it in love or business, if there is a divergence of belief or opinion, this Pig Tiger compatibility will go to pieces in an awful hurry. Both are passionate creatures and any disagreement is liable to devolve rapidly into trading blows, verbal or otherwise. Then a breakup becomes inevitable.

Pig & Tiger Chinese Horoscope Compatibility Rated 4 Hearts!

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