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6 Reasons It Is A Good Choice Not To Date A Waitress

Things You Should Know Before Dating Waitress

Working in the hospitality industry comes with its challenges. These challenges do affect not only the practitioner but also the people around them. Limiting it to relationships, practitioners in the hospitality industry, including the waitress, finds it very difficult to keep a healthy relationship. To not date a waitress would be better.


Apart from their job making them potential to cheaters, they hardly have time for their partners. But to save yourself from all the trouble, I present your reasons dating a waitress can be a bad choice.

1. Spending Most of Your Time Alone

You enter into a relationship or marry to have good and quality time together with your partner. So what happens if your partner is mostly not around because of their job? This is what you face when you date a waitress. She will be at work most of the time, and you are going to be lonely.


You can’t go out to events with them because they may be serving people in the bar or restaurant. The only time you get to spend with them is when they close off hours. But the problem is they use such time to rest since their work is very demanding.


2. Waking Up in the Night and Having Disturbed Sleep

So date a waitress; you have your sleep disturbed at odd hours. You are asking why? Even though bars and restaurants operate during the daytime, they get most customers in the evening. So throughout the evening, your partner will stay busy serving other couples (this is the most painful aspect.)


While you are out there alone, they will be serving couples who are having a good time together). So on a busy day, they don’t close early enough and will return home while you are deeply asleep.

You will have no other choice but to wake up and open the door. So imagine your partner returning home late throughout the night. It will also affect your sex life. She may be tired of having sex, and on the other hand, you may be feeling very sleepy to have sex.

3. Eating Late

They serve people good food to eat, but they mostly eat late because of their busy schedules. This wouldn’t be a problem if it affected them alone.

The worse thing is if you may also be affected. If you rely on her for food, then you will be eating late. For your information, you won’t be eating a home-cooked meal but a spiced restaurant leftover.

4. You Can’t Spend Holidays Together

As a 9 am to 5 pm worker, holidays come as a big deal for you but not for your waitress partner. But Holidays are the busiest days for them. This is when families troop into restaurants to spend some time together and have a meal outside the home.


Why should they stay at home when they can work and have tips from clients? You will have to spend your Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, and all other holidays alone.

5. Vacation Together may Never Happen

It seems almost everything is impossible when dating a waitress. Thinking of going on a vacation with your waitress partner, forget it. There is no vacation in the Bahamas or Hawaii because she will be busy working. She can’t leave her work to travel with you.

6. Infidelity

You know that cheating has nothing to do with one’s profession, but some professions have a high tendency to cheat. Waitress encounters different people every day.

She meets guys who are richer and good and handsome than you are, and some of them might propose to her. Now the tendency of her accepting one of the numerous pursuers is very high. So she may end up cheating on you with many guys as possible.

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