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Birthday Number 7

Birthday Number 7 – Born On The 7th Day Of The Month

Birthday Number 7 – Features

Those that are happy may be happiest in spiritual life or one of servitude. Birthday number 7 seems most comfortable when they are helping others. They will make many people happy. Many sevens are pretty popular –especially among young men—many famous sevens, such as Stephen Hawking, Marilyn Monroe, and Muhammed Ali. The best Day for Sevens is Mondays. This is the day they will be most in touch with their inner spirit—lucky Colors: Pastels, whites, light blues.


Birthday number 7 people spiritual yet not overly emotional. Emotional people tend to scare them. They don’t trust emotions because you try to suppress your own. And they don’t know how to open up. They view emotional people as irrational or immature. Usually, they have control over their emotions and probably can’t understand why others cannot do the same. Perhaps they also feel others’ feelings too much, like an empath, And this is why they are bothersome. They want to help but know they cannot, most of the time.


Those born on the 7th of the month tend to be loners. They are susceptible and feel deeply yet have trouble sharing their feelings. Birth number 7 people like to spend time alone. But have to be careful of getting too lonely and isolated. They spend time alone because they aren’t comfortable around people. But they will feel neglected if they don’t have those connections. All of us need to love and be loved.


Born on the Seventh-Personality

What is so special about the number 7? You have a strong mind and excellent intuition. Thus, why do you feel and sense so much? You are usually rational, analytical, and intellectual but can be stubborn and opinionated. You have to try not to get too cynical or cold-hearted. Birth number 7 can be pretty spiritual when you learn to trust your intuitive talents.


Characteristics of Birthday 7 Number People

Sometimes you feel misunderstood, and you must be careful not to push away those close to you or never let anyone in. You have great sympathy for others. But you have to be cautious when helping them. Do not become too involved in their lives. You are only pleased when living a spiritual life.


Is number 7 a lucky number? Birthday number 7 is considered a magical and mystical number. After all, the world was created in 7 days. You are a dreamer, as your number represents. These people are sweet, gentle, imaginative, and creative. You are happy when trying to make those dreams a reality. Sevens would be great for a career in education, the arts, or the sciences.

Birth Date 7 Numerology – Things to Avoid & Suggestions

Birthday number 7 can have a bad temper, though. Many are unhappy because they are so sensitive and intuitive. One of their best gifts can be their greatest downfall. Offhand comments from others often hurt them. They are also prone to worry and obsession. Many may end up waiting for the right partner to come along yet not pursuing anyone.

Those that do get married may face problems in their relationships. They can be overly critical and judgmental. They are stubborn, too, so they don’t often back down in an argument. Also, with their tempers, they may fight a lot. Sevens can also be mysterious and secretive. They are not good at opening up and sharing. This is hard on their partners.

Birthday 7 Numerology: Potentials And Downfalls

If birthday number seven people do not have faith and nurture their spiritual side, they can get depressed and turn to drugs or alcohol. They love to learn and experience new things. They may change careers often in their life if they can make their life a series of adventures and challenges, they can grow and be happy.

You value your freedom and want to do things according to your way. This makes you an individualistic human being. You are also a perfectionist, working slowly and steadily, considering all the minute details. You are intelligent and have an analytical mind. This makes it easier for you to understand complicated matters.

You don’t like to be led; instead, you want to teach others. You don’t enjoy group work and get fulfillment from working alone, in isolation. This makes you less of a cooperative and flexible person. You are a very meticulous and hard-working person. You are knowledgeable and technically sound. Added to that, you are stable and organized in your work and think logically.

Meaning of Birthday Numerology 7

You are very practical and don’t give much importance to emotional matters; your spiritual side dominates you, and you are drawn to your world, seeking the hidden truths of your life. This makes you unworldly and isolated. You may not have a satisfying and fulfilling married life. It would help if you learned to become more practical and acceptable to the real world.

You should make the most of the talents you possess. It would help if you shared your feelings and emotions with your close friends to maintain a healthy and long-lasting relationship. This will give great mental satisfaction.

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