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Birthday Number 1 – Born On The 1st Day Of The Month

Birthday Number 1 – Features

Each of us has a set of numbers unique to us. These numbers can tell us who we are and where we have been as well as where we will go and what we will do in the future. Your birthday is one of your core numbers. Your birth date is the day of the month you were born in without the year or month – just the day. It is so easy. This birthday number 1 indicates the skills you possess and the challenges you will need to overcome.

Those born on the 1st of the month are natural born leaders. They are naturally aggressive and independent. They can be stubborn and strong-willed. So, they need to try to be more important to others’ ideas, especially those close to them. They have lots of energy. Birthday number 1 people view things logically and analytically. They keep to themselves and don’t show much emotion, especially in front of others.

Born on the First – Personality

Birth number 1 people are funny, honest, smart, hard-working, temperamental and popular. They are likely to fall in love at a young age but intelligent enough to wait to marry. They do like to spend and to shop. But, they are lucky to have a good career when they get older. So they can most likely afford their spending habits.

They are original and like to do their own thing. This may produce enemies and haters. Do not let them get you down. You will also have many friends and followers with your natural charisma and strength. Focus on the good rather than the negative. Enjoy your friends and try to ignore the haters.

Those born on the first day of the month have a passion for the arts. They are naturally creative and artistic. They could make a career out of being a writer or reporter. Also, they are active and full of energy. They have high self-esteem and confidence. Thus, they do not like being in second place. They prefer mental work to physical labor. They love to look around and observe and stop to smell the roses. And, they enjoy travel and visiting places they have never been to before.

Birthday number 1 people are always happy and smiling. And, others admire this about you. It may be why they tend to follow your lead. You are also brave and intuitive, so this helps people to trust you. You are confident, talented and successful in many areas. Also, they could be great at many jobs because you try hard and work hard. You always have excellent business instincts so you would be good at running your own business.

Birthday Number 1


And since you are a natural leader, you would probably make a great boss. You are also great at motivating and encouraging others. You are very creative. That would be great with the arts as well. You are very diverse in your talents. Having so many unique skills is rare.

Birthday Number Analysis

Date of Birth:

Birth Date 1 Numerology – Things to Avoid & Suggestions

Birthday number 1 people need to be careful to avoid laziness and procrastination. You can be very hardheaded and stubborn. Try to be open to others’ ideas and plans. You like to gamble, so you need to be careful not to risk too much. You have strong will power. But it will be tested especially in your 30s and 40s. But you will also have great accomplishments during this time as well.

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