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Midlife Crisis: Prevent It From Taking A Toll On Your Marriage

What is A Midlife crisis?

After spending decades of married life, people get divorced. The period of married life between 35-55 is the most vulnerable period to be affected by a midlife crisis. With the natural phenomenon of aging, the crisis seems to raise its ugly head in a married couple’s life.

A person suddenly realizes that his golden days of conjugal life are behind him, and there is not much time left to have a further fulfilling life experience. The realization leaves a feeling of dissatisfaction, which ultimately ruins the marriage and leads to divorce.


Finding out the root cause of such dissatisfaction can prevent the crisis, ultimately culminating in divorce. So, let us try to assess the probable causes and remedial measures to avert midlife crisis from taking a toll on your marriage.

Root Causes Of Midlife Crisis in Relationships

1. Contentment In your Life

People cannot achieve everything they desire in their life. We expect a lot from our life. And when our expectations do not match the achievement made so far, we become resentful.


A sense of despair and unhappiness engulfs our conscience. Such feelings of dissatisfaction may cause havoc in a person’s married life. We must understand the negative impact such a midlife crisis exerts on the married life of a person. A sense of contentment is the key to diffuse such a crisis. If only we can confine ourselves with a feeling of satisfaction with whatever little we have experienced and achieved in our life so far, the crisis can be averted, and marriage can be saved.


2. Root Causes Of Dissatisfaction

Leading a peaceful, contented married life is easier said than done. The unhappiness and dissatisfaction brewing in the mind of a person must be taken care of. With an effective, respectful, affectionate, and solicitous conversation between the affected couples, the magnitude of the crisis can be successfully tackled.

Identifying the root causes of dissatisfaction should be the priority. Once such causes are identified, suitable remedial measures could be found out to eliminate those. And once we eliminate the causes, people can live a happy and contented married life after that.


3. Help Of A Marriage Counselor

When all the personal efforts of finding a solution to the crisis reach a dead end, a point of no return, seeking the help of a marriage counselor is the most viable option that remains for troubled couples.

With an in-depth knowledge of the problem and professional oratorical expertise, a marriage counselor will be able to soothe the affected couple’s strained nerves and help find a solution to their problem.

4. Infuse New Interests And Excitement

In today’s world, life is too busy, mechanized, and mundane. After spending decades in a routine marriage life, monotony and boredom often take their toll on the relationship between a couple.

Finding new mutually agreed-upon interests could infuse fresh life into their life. Again, when you know your partner for decades, you possibly are well aware of their choices and interests. So, an element of surprise will not be a bad idea to approach your partner with an activity of new interest.

The idea is to change the dull, monotonous course of day-to-day life and infuse a new exciting course. Once couples get involved in such new interests and exciting activities, the crisis automatically disappears.

5. Bring Children into the Picture

Issueless couples are more prone to emotional setbacks. Children act as an emotional bridge between couples. Couples living without having any children are too vulnerable to fall into a midlife crisis. It is advisable to adopt a child or two to live a harmonious life in such circumstances.

6. Adopt A Holistic approach In Life

The problem of midlife crisis and the consequent divorce often devastate the life of a couple. To get rid of the crisis, it is necessary to adopt a holistic approach to the problem.


Consider all aspects of the problem, their probable origins, and their most likely solutions. View the problem as a whole and take into consideration all the factors affecting it. Such elaborate exercises will certainly find out a comprehensive solution.

It is important to navigate through the midlife crisis with loads of patience, innovative ideas, and crafty implementation. Be receptive to the worst nightmarish problem. Only then can one easily swim through the tides of the midlife crisis.

Conclusion: Midlife Crisis

Do not overreact to a situation; have a balanced approach towards life. Take care of the material and emotional requirements of your spouse affectionately. If you follow these steps diligently, you can surely win over the midlife crisis and live a peaceful life.

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