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Number 9 House Numerology: A Compassionate House

9 House Numerology Meaning: Being Selfless and Kind

According to SunSigns.Org‘s number 9 house numerology, house number 9 is filled with compassionate, kind, selfless, and generous individuals. Residents of this house love being of service to others and will use their blessings to make the world a better place.


Their focus is to ensure that they impact positively on people’s lives. Number 9 is ruled by Mars; therefore, this house is full of people who spend their money on humanitarian causes. People most likely to be residents in this house are human rights lawyers, philosophers, and writers.


Based on 9 address numerology, this house welcomes everyone because it is a house of compassion and love. People who are keen on helping others are welcome in this abode.


Is 9 an Unlucky or Lucky House Number to Certain Individuals?

Number 9 is a lucky number because it is a house of universal love. Everyone is welcome in this house regardless of their occupation or status in society.

9 Apartment Numerology: Influence on Your Life

Number 9 house is best suited for philanthropists, medical doctors, nurses, firefighters, social workers, and visionaries, among other people that work tirelessly to help others. When it comes to love matters, house number 9 is open to singles, young and old couples, and married folks. When in this house, you will form great relationships.


Individuals practicing Feng Shui are also welcome in this house.

Based on numerology, house number 9 individuals are mostly born on the 9th, 18th, or 27th of any calendar month.

9 House Numerology Décor

Pale and peaceful colors radiate the positive energies present in the house of compassion and love. To enhance the look of your home, incorporate live green plants, freshly cut flowers, and flowing fabrics.

Enhance the beauty of your house by having a water body such as a swimming pool, fish pond, or fountain.

Precautions to be Taken by People Living in House Number 9

Home number 9 can be prone to accidents; therefore, you need to be careful and ensure that everything is in the right place before moving around in the house.

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