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Birthday Number 5 – Born On The 5th Day Of The Month

Birthday Number 5 – Features

In numerology, numbers play an essential role in your life. These numbers can determine your personality as well as your life path. How do you calculate your birth number? If you were born on the fifth, you are birthday number 5. Those with this number have a duality about their personality. They are restless, intuitive, humorous and perceptive. Those born on the 5th of the month love excitement, change, and travel. Therefore they tend to be spontaneous and act on impulse. They get along well with Gemini and Virgos.

Birth number 5 can change their minds often and are dual. Mercury is a fast moving planet, and it gets retrograde often. This means that these people can be emotional and indecisive, but they are also known for having a quick wit and intelligence. They are fast thinkers, but they will think about many things right after another. This fast thinking can be a benefit as well as detrimental. It means they don’t stay on one topic for long yet they can come up with quick answers when necessary.

Birthday Number 5

Born on the Fifth – Personality

Birthday number 5 people are spiritual people. They have great respect for all religions. They will respect all different kinds of people. Also, they have noble ideals and morals, which they will live by and fight for. Those born on 5th day of the month are very creative and versatile. They will excel in a profession or career that allows them to grow or adapt in this manner.

Birth number five people need to be challenged to thrive. They would also do well in a job, which allows them to continually learn new things or to travel. The best careers for them are teaching, the tourist or communication industries, or working in a business. They would do well being self-employed as their boss.

They would rather live in the city than in the suburbs or the country. This is understandable, as they love the excitement and the busy energy of the city. They may attract the wrong people at times because this need for excitement can sometimes relate to criminals. They have to be careful, for those who live for adrenaline can sometimes be dangerous.

Birth number 5 are popular, so it is easy for them to have many partners. They also get along well with everyone due to their easygoing nature. They will have many ups and downs in their life, but it won’t get them down because they have such an optimistic nature. These people are flexible and adaptable.

Those born on the fifth of the month are good with math as well as the arts. They are usually attractive people who have many dates and admirers. They are intelligent as well as good looking. Their lucky days are Wednesdays and Fridays. Lucky colors are green and light brown. Unlucky colors are any dark colors and black. Lucky Numbers are 5 (of course!) and 9.

Birthday Number Analysis

Date of Birth:

Birth Date 5 Numerology – Things to Avoid & Suggestions

Birthday number 5 can be too talkative, egotistical, stubborn and sometimes overdo things. Unfortunately for Number 5’s, relationships can prove difficult as well. Friends and families may be used to their mercurial nature, but partners may be harder to keep. Also, you may get bored and move on as well. Number 5 is for the Planet Mercury. Those with the Planet Mercury in their path have a moody or mercurial nature. They change jobs as they change moods. But, they cannot do the same thing for very long, but when they are doing what they want to do for that moment, they dedicate themselves to it.

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  1. i see persons born under imfluence of 5 are big psychos and create problems to the people around them. many even go mad in the later part of their life

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