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Birthday Number 11 – Born On The 11th Day Of The Month

Birthday Number 11 – Features

Those born on the eleventh of the month are very sensitive and emotional. They do not do well in the business world. They do not handle criticism well. Their gifts would better serve them in the role of a counselor or advisor. Or perhaps, a nontraditional job such as life or health coach. They want to help others, but they can be easily hurt and offended. They would do well in the role or career in research, philosophy or idealistic pursuits. Birthday number 11 people have healing capabilities too and would do well in fields such as massage, physical therapy or counseling.

In number 11 lucky? Those born on the 11th of the month have an additional number, which reveals more information about your soul. Sometimes, number eleven is one on the master numbers that is not reduced. Other times it is considered to be master number two because the one plus one equals two. Eleven is a unique number, and two does not necessarily capture all the attributes. Eleven symbolizes the ability to push the limits of the human experience. It is a very spiritual number. Thus, those born on the eleventh of the month are very spiritual and enlightened people.

What is so special about the number 11? Luckily they able to transcend these matters and remain calm and serene – most of the time! Birthday number 11 will have a good life as long as they fight their negativity and depression. They need to develop their self-esteem and confidence.

Birthday Number 11

Born on the Eleventh – Personality

Many people of birthday number 11 have psychic abilities. They want to help others, but they can be unpredictable. Those around them will have to learn when to lead and when to follow. Eleven is the most intuitive of all numbers. It represents a channel to subconscious thought and insight into the mind. They will become more comfortable with themselves and more successful in their 40s.

Birth 11 people can be a great help to others once they learn how to heal them without getting hurt themselves. Others tend to turn to those who are eleven for guidance, and usually, they find the experience uplifting. Many famous people are eleven. Lucky colors are cream, green and white. Lucky days are Thursday and Sunday. And, lucky numbers are 2, 11 and 20.

Birthday Number Analysis

Date of Birth:

What does number 11 mean in numerology? Eleven is a power number. It cannot be divided or reduced. This means that whatever elevens send out into the world comes back to them. So if they are loving and kind, this is what they will get back. If they are miserable and unhappy; however, this is what they will get back from the world. Elevens have to be aware of their power to control it. When they realize their power and become thankful for it, they will grow into an amazing person. When they are positive and grateful for their lives and what they have, their lives will keep getting better.

Birth Date 11 Numerology – Things to Avoid & Suggestions

Birthday number 11 people are also susceptible to caffeine, alcohol, and sugar. They must take these things in moderation. They will feel better if they stick to a strict healthy diet. Also, they have to be careful not to let others influence their thoughts and feelings too much.

When not focused on a specific goal, this birthday number 11 person can fall prey to fears and destructive thoughts. Elevens take time to mature and learn to control their powers. Elevens will have to cope with tragedies and traumatic experiences, and if they can remain grateful for what they do have, their lives will be better for it.

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