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Feng Shui Consultant Is a Fake: 6 Ways To Know

#6 Ways To Know Feng Shui Consultant is a Fake

Feng Shui is the ancient and much-studied Chinese art of placement. However, how we place our belongings and furniture around us can affect energy and flow. A Feng Shui consultant is a fake who will attempt to sell the idea that every element must be present in every room, which is practically impossible. With the interior design industry rapidly growing, many homemakers and businesses turn to Feng Shui “experts” for advice.


Hence, those who practice Feng Shui are highly knowledgeable. So the industry is brimming in the market and is too keen to take the money from those less familiar with the practices.


How To Know Your Feng Shui Consultant is a fake

#1.True Feng Shui Consultant

So, how can you tell if a Feng Shui master is a professional or just a bit fishy? Their main goal is to enrich your life and immediately put you at ease with competency and skill, whereas an imposter will swiftly pounce on an opportunity to unnerve a client.


There is nothing dark about the art of Feng Shui, and anyone who tries to convince you of anything else or makes rash promises to banish evil spirits from the door. Those who practice genuine Feng Shui do not see any connection between the art of placement and the occult, so they will never attempt to convince a client of such a direct link.


#2. Feng Shui Articles

There is a disappointingly high number of salesmen operating as Feng Shui professors. Their main goal is to push their defective and tacky goods onto you instead of arranging or placing the objects you already own.

So, the most respected practitioners in the industry will use the items you already possess or suggest that you buy particular items from elsewhere. A money-making imposter may suggest that you invest in ‘energy’ crystals, ‘traditional’ bamboo, or other unnecessary knick-knacks that they conveniently sell.

Bamboo is within the higher Feng Shui circles as nothing more than a dust gatherer. If anything, in authentic Feng Shui, an artist will encourage you to get rid of your ornaments and decorations, not push you to buy more.

#3. Plant or flower

Although those who believe in Feng Shui’s art are often spiritual, they also understand that a lot of it is basic science. For instance, placing anything botanical such as a plant or flower, will increase the room’s oxygen and instantly make the room a much more pleasant place.

If this has nothing to do with Feng Shui, anyone who attempts to convince this must be known. Feng Shui masters are practical people who do not need to convince their clients that any magic is employed when a room starts to feel fresher.

#4. Belief System

Feng Shui is a long-studied art and a belief system, but it is not to be confused with superstition.

Many masters of Feng Shui disregard all bad superstitious feelings and will never entertain the belief that owning something like a black cat will have any effect whatsoever on the energy of your property.

Nor do they believe that families who reside at Number 13 should have any need to move house! Many imposters are more than happy to prey on irrational beliefs, and they will use them to their financial advantage.

#5. Unruly Pets

Some bogus Feng Shui practitioners will attempt to inflict their false knowledge onto those who have unruly pets or animals. They claim they can control behavior by using the ancient art of Feng Shui and its calming powers. However, a dependable and honest expert will make no such promise as using Feng Shui on animals is entirely impossible.

Don’t be seduced by the promises of cats who always use the litter tray or dogs who cease to jump up on guests. The only thing that can solve this problem is thorough and rigorous training, but not rearranging your furniture.

#6. Elements

Wood, fire, earth, metal, and water are the main five elements of Feng Shui, and how they are all used is a delicate and much-considered process.

Certain rooms should only have a certain amount of elements depending on where the place is within the building. It also depends on which way the doors are facing and what factors surround the whole property.

So those who are knowledgeable in the art should spend several hours in each room. Deciding which elements should be used, and by just placing all of them in one room.

When used all at once, the five elements can be canceled by each other. Only when they are used more sparingly than their natural powers should they increase. Many high-powered businesses and individuals now employ Feng Shui masters to style their homes and workplaces.

So when choosing to utilize a professional’s service, be aware of tacky sales techniques, scaremongering, and deception. Those who respect and worship the art of Feng Shui will be delighted by bestowing their knowledge.

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