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Personality Number: Discover and Understand It

Personality Number: The Impact It Has on Your Life 

A personality number calculator provides a very good description of the direction your life should take. It can help you select an appropriate profession and make you aware of important events during your life.

Learning your personality number will give you guns as to where you feel you should go and how to attain your dreams.


The personality number is a major number in the numerology reading. The reading that is formulated from this number reveals character traits and makes predictions about the future. Aspects of your personality which are not always seen by those who know you casually are revealed through personality number interpretation.

The personality number is based on your name. Every letter in the alphabet has a number assigned to it.

For example, it appears that people under six are creative, have good taste and are often mediators when there is an argument. They operate and can adapt to get along with others and often are good with numbers. Persons born under the number six would rather make love than war.


These are folks who like to nurture and promote peaceful relationships. When they are in a helper role, they see this as a responsibility towards another and seriously take it. Our society is difficult, and those who can make peace and mediate can be valuable assets. Mediation is much less costly than litigation and generally far less time-consuming.

Calculating Personality Number

You have a sense of your personality, but people do not see you as you see yourself. This should not worry you because your personality has a number assigned to it. Your personality number will enable you to understand what people think about you. Personality number comes from the constants in your birth name as the same appears in your birth certificate, that is, first, middle and last name.


Your nickname, on the other hand, reveals your Minor Personality Number. This number will enable you to send the right kind of energy to the world.

To calculate your personality number, these are the steps to follow;

Step 1

Write down your full name as is on the birth certificate and identify the consonants present in your name. For example, if the full birth name is ANNE SMITH BROWN;

Consonants in the name are N, N, S, M, T, H, B, R, W and N.

Step 2

Convert the letters to numbers;

N-5, N-5, S-1, M-4, T-2, H-8, B-2, R-9, W-5, and N-5.

The numbers in ANNE SMITH BROWN are 5, 5, 1, 4, 2, 8, 2, 9, 5, and 5.

Step 3

Add the numbers together and if the result is a double-digit, reduce to one digit unless the same is a Master Number.

5 + 5 + 1 + 4 + 2 + 8 + 2 + 9 + 5 + 5= 47

4 + 7= 11

Therefore, Anne’s personality number is 11.


The Meaning of Personality Numbers

Number 1: Risk-Taker

People born with Number 1 are natural leaders. You can be stubborn at times, but you do all you can to lead your life in the right direction. You are a positive example to make people who look up to and depend on you. Taking calculated risks you love because you love challenging yourself.

Number 2: Good Friend

Number 2 brings out your loving and caring nature. You are always there for your loved ones and friends. You make a good friend because people can lean on you, and you will always be there to give them the support, guidance and advice they need.


Number 3: Talented and with Great Communication Skills

In all you do, you strive to become the best. Number 3 calls on you to trust in yourself and your abilities. You are open to talking about your feelings and emotions because you do not like keeping things in.

Number 4: Stability and Determination

With Number 4 as your personality number, you always strive to become the best. There is no room for repeated mistakes in your life. A stable and balanced life is all you work hard to achieve. Many people admire your hard work and determination to achieve your goals and aspirations.


Number 5: High-Spirited

You love having fun. You focus on making your life fun, no matter the challenges you are going through. Number 5 reveals that you embrace changes with open arms because you know that changes must take place to become better.

Number 6: Generosity

People with Number 6 personality number appreciate people. They love and care for others to the extent that they may forget how to take care of themselves. However, you do not take well to being criticized, which might cause you to shut down.


Number 7: Intelligent and Dignified

Most people with Number 7 are great scholars. You always have a thirst for knowledge. It makes you happy to know that you are intelligent enough to initiate positive changes in the world. With dignity, you live your life.

Number 8: Great Judge of Character

As a Number 8, you are keen on the people you interact with. You always want people you can trust around; therefore, you take your time before accepting anyone into your social circle. Your intuition is powerful, and you always make good use of it.

Number 9: Adored by Many

People are attracted to you as an individual. You always do things that attract people to you. You are charismatic and warm. Number 9 reveals that you will have good relationships with people, but some of your relationships will suffer because you come out as too strong.

Number 11: Vulnerable and Gentle

People might take advantage of you because of your calm and gentle drama. You are not one for drama in your life. You live a peaceful life. Some people might take advantage of your vulnerability to abuse your kindness, but you always have a limit, and people respect you when it reaches that point.

Number 22: Driven Individual

You are always looking to make your life better. You love it when you are appreciated for all your hard work and determination. Number 22 individuals do all they can to ensure that their dreams come true.

Number 33: Inspiring and Honest

You are a great nurturer, and you always do a great job when it comes to inspiring others. Number 33 gives you the confidence and strength you need to take on life head-on.

Personal Numerology Reading

Date of Birth:

Personality Number: Conclusion

There are other numbers associated with the personality number and numerology in general, such as the psychic number and its interpretation. You need to know a little bit about this because these numbers can influence your work life, your financial progress, your love life and how you advance in a professional situation.

They also can help determine your personal life. The reading will also indicate for you a lucky color, a lucky day, and a direction for your life and will often also indicate for you the star signs with which you are compatible for example; Libra tends to get along very well with another Libra although they may never make a decision.

If you would like to get your inner dream number or Personality Number, a free online reading is available that is quick and accurate.


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