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Dating A Night Shifter: 11 Challenges You Will Face

11 Challenges You Face While Dating A Nightshifter

Living a nocturnal life due to work is something the body finds very difficult to adjust to. This is because nature made the Day for work and the night for sleep. So altering it means you are finding ways to cheat nature. But do night shifters have a choice? Dating A Night shifter (worker) faces many challenges in fulfilling his work obligations.

Aside from the challenge of cheating nature by not sleeping at night, they can primarily not catch up with the Day’s everyday activities. They have no other choice but to sleep during the day to be able to stand the night. It is not managed well. It can affect their relationship and health, among others. Let me take you through some challenges every night shifter goes through.


1. They Have Interrupted Sleep

It is almost impossible for one can have perfect sleep during the Day. This is the fate of most night shifters who have turned the Day into their night for sleeping. Night shifters encounter many sleep interruptions from neighbors, service members, calls from friends, hooting from cars, noise from nearby factories, and many others. This prevents them from enjoying their sleep to the fullest. They have to switch off the phone and probably cover their ears with a pillow to sleep well.


2. Inability to Take Part in Activities Meant for the Day

Night shifters are almost cut off from daily activities unless they sacrifice part of their sleeping time for such activities. They have to sleep for their night duties, and offering such a time can negatively affect their well-being. This means they may be cut off from the activities of the world during the Day. The only consolation is that they have the night to themselves. They can make friends with co-workers and other night shifters. Nonetheless, there is still a gap because the night is not for partying. It is for work.


Dating A Night Shifter:

3. Building and Maintaining Relationships Can be Difficult

So you work at night, and your partner is the usual 9 am to 5 pm worker. How are you making things work? Dating a night shifter can be challenging. It comes with a lot of inconveniences and demands sacrifices and understanding. It is almost impossible to have dinner together or go on a night date except during the weekends or off days. They can also not make friends with people outside their work schedules.


4. Sex Life is Affected

While they return from work, their partner may also be preparing to leave for work. This makes having intimacy with their significant others almost nonexistent. The only options are to spend such moments immediately after you return from work. But who wants to have sex after returning from work tired? The only thing they need at such time is good sleep. So the weekends become their best sex days.

Dating A Night Shifter:

5. The Struggle to Stay Awake

You cannot cheat nature. No matter how long you sleep during the Day, you may still feel sleepy during the night. This especially happens to those with a slow pace job, who may have to sit for long hours waiting for a customer or if you are security personnel. But those who work in factories or places like hospitals are mostly busy throughout the night, which saves them from sleeping on duty. Even with them, they still feel tiredness in their body as they automatically respond to nature.

6. They Sometimes Have to Cut Short Their Day Sleep

I mentioned in point two that night shifters mostly miss out on activities meant for the Day. However, there are times that some actions are so essential to forgo. So they sometimes cut short their sleep to be part of activities they deem necessary. I don’t think you will sleep when your child has a graduation ceremony or a project to inspect.

Dating A Night Shifter:

7. Returning to Work after Spending Days off can be Very Hard

This happens to almost every worker. Returning to work on Monday after having a great weekend is an experience every worker wants to avoid. Night shifters are the worst victims. The body returns to its natural state as you begin to have a regular night’s sleep during the off days. So altering it again to stay awake at night can be very difficult. Most night shifters doze off at work as they return from their off days.

8. Having to Sleep in the WorkPlace

Night shifters must choose to risk their lives on the road or sleep at work until late morning. Driving home after a hectic night shift can be very dangerous as tiredness sets in and the eyes become heavy. To be safer, they choose to have a short sleep at the workplace to return home later.

9. Relying on Caffeine

Any night worker who hasn’t relied on caffeine before should raise their hands. I don’t think I will get even one of such people. Night shifters mostly rely on caffeinated drinks or coffee to stay awake the entire night. The problem is when it is taken in overdoses. It becomes difficult for them to sleep after work.

10. Health Implications

Trying to alter nature comes with its side effects and night shifters have to deal with this later in their career. To stay awake, they rely on coffee, energy drinks, and other caffeinated products with their side effects. They develop health complications like heart diseases, high blood pressure, and obesity when used for extended periods.

11. Bad Eating Habit

Night shifters unintentionally fall victim to bad eating habits. They work at night, so they have to eat to give them the energy to work. So most of them rely on junk foods and end up being obese.

All these problems will make dating a night shifter quite challenging.

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