Destiny Number

Destiny Number

The destiny number once calculated will provide you information about the course of your life and will guide you in selecting a profession and obtaining your goals. It is also wise to obtain the destiny numbers of those in your immediate circle.

All relationships can benefit by the understanding of each other. Get the free online destiny number calculator report and learn a little more about yourself.

The destiny number which is often referred to as the expression number is a very important number. This number uses your full name at birth. This number is representative of the actions the individual will undertake in life; such as your goal, the route you are going to take, your talents, those things that may limit you and where you have your greatest level of competence.

To calculate the destiny number you add to the values for the letters of each of the elements of your name separately.  So first name, then the middle name, then the last, each name is reduced to a single digit. You need to have the numbers for each of the names

Then they are combined and again reduced to a single digit to find your destiny number. If you have an 11, 22 or 33 do not reduce these numbers further as they are master numbers. Additions to a name such as Junior or the third do not get calculated into the destiny number.

This number is beneficial because it makes you aware of whom you are likely to become in life and the tools that you are going to have available to you to help you on your way. This can guide you to find a way to live your life more fully.

Numerology is a very broad field of study and in 2014 – 2015 it has become a very professional area with very serious experts in the field. The numerological reading allows one to see many aspects of personality and many layers.

A numerological chart is relatively simple to prepare and understand. The destiny number can be seen to provide a guide to those tasks you need to complete in this life, and the purpose of your life. Often a numerology reading is done for a child so that the parents are prepared to guide their child into a good life.

Free Destiny Number Reading

Date of Birth:

The destiny number does not reveal only what is going to happen to you but will also guide you into an appropriate profession, will look at important events in your life and your attitude as examples. It is inappropriate to use a nickname, or married name for the destiny number calculation.

If the destiny number as an example is one the individual will be a born leader. This person may well be an inventor and will succeed in the business world their ability to complete a task will only grow as they become older. They are very likely to find financial freedom in their lives.


  1. Who am i then?
    Why all the pain to struggle through?
    It almost killed my spirit.
    I kept looking for small blessings to give me hope.
    Even when i was tired i literally had to drag(worse actually) myself inch by inch. Looking for a lifeline that was not there. I still don’t know where I’ve gotten the strength. I can only attribute it to not passing when i was at my weakest point. The strain was to much & thought death would be better. As no love/support/nurturing was given.

    • And yet here you are typing a response. On a computer or on a phone somewhere still breathing and living life and experiencing things nobody else has. I’ve had a bad back now for 11 years and through nothing but working hard. Now I can’t work. Maybe I worked too much but now I’m a Single Father of 4 Boys and a Grandson and trust me, they’re My Absolute World. I couldn’t imagine life without them. If I wasn’t here, the things I would’ve missed. Makes me cry at the thought

    • That reads like a poem.
      And it struck a chord.

      My perspective:
      The only free will we have is our reactions to the lessons and seeming obstacles that happen to us.
      I found that when I really questioned why I was reacting to my life as if it were causing me pain i realised it was societies opinions and societies ideas of what I should feel.

      I’ve learned shame is someonelse’s feelings being pushed onto me.

      I feel your despair. Your pain is acknowledged and validated.
      Now maybe you can analize why your having reactions instead of just having them.

      • Thank you for this reply. I think the same about feelings beeing pushed onto people. Shame, guilt, fears, is when you loose all you’re dignity, self confidence and then, anyone can use and abuse you. Then you become sick and so on. Been there done it. I am on a recovery after years and years of struggling.

        NO. Is a complete sentence.

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