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Destiny Number

Destiny Number Meaning And Numerology: A Clear Picture

Destiny Number: A Better Understanding 

Once calculated, the destiny or expression number will provide you with information about the course of your life and guide you better. It will guide you in selecting a profession and obtaining your goals. It is also wise to obtain the expression numbers of those in your immediate circle.

All relationships can benefit from understanding each other. Get the free online destiny number calculator report and learn more about yourself.


The destiny number, often referred to as the expression number, is a significant number. This number uses your full name at birth and date of birth. This number is representative of the actions the individual will undertake in life, such as your goal, the route you are going to take, your talents, those things that may limit you, and where you have your most significant level of competence.

Numerology Destiny Number Calculator
Destiny Number Calculator

It is beneficial because it makes you aware of who you are likely to become in life and the tools you will have available to you to help you on your way. It can guide you to find a way to live your life more fully.


Calculating Destiny Number

The expression number is unique for every individual because it is the sum of a person’s date of birth or full birth name. It is mainly known by many as Lucky Number. Add all the numerals in your birth date to calculate the expression number and bring it down to one digit. That one digit becomes your destiny number.

For example, a birth date 10/7/ 1993 will give the destiny number;


3+0= 3

Therefore, your expression number is 3.


If you have an 11, 22, or 33, do not reduce these numbers as they are master numbers.

For example, a birth date 11/12/ 1986 will give the destiny number;

1+1+1+2+1+9+8+6= 29

2+9= 11

Therefore, your number is 11.


This number is calculated by replacing complete birth name alphabets with corresponding numerals and summing them up to get the expression number.

For example, the name Anne Smith,

A-1 + N-14 + N-14 + E- 5 + S- 19 + M-13 + I-9 + T-20 + H-8= 103

1+0+3= 4

Therefore, your destiny number is 4.

The Meaning of Destiny Numbers

Destiny Number 1: Natural Leader

destiny number 1

Destiny Number 1 reveals that you are a good leader many people admire. People are glad to associate with you because you always guide them in the right direction and positively influence their lives.

Expression Number 2: Peace Lover

destiny number 2

Number 2 brings out your diplomatic side. You appreciate peace and will do all you can to ensure that conflicting parties achieve peace. You enjoy working with a team because you become better at your skills and talents.

Destiny Number 3: Creating and Maintaining Relationships

destiny number 3

Always count yourself lucky to have Number 3 influencing your life; you will have great relationships with people because of your generous, kind, and compassionate nature. Teach others how to be happy and content with the people they are.

Destiny Number 4: Great Potential

destiny number 4

With Number 4, you have all it takes to better your life through hard work and determination. Believe in your ability to manage the affairs of your life and achieve your highest potential.

Expression Number 5: Accept Changes in Your Life

destiny number 5

Destiny Number 5 wants you to embrace changes all the time. You do not do well with being in the same place for long. You strive to welcome changes that will enable you to become better and better your life.

Destiny Number 6: Affection and Love

destiny number 6

If you possess Number 6, you are compassionate and caring towards others. Being of service to others brings excellent purpose into your life.

Expression Number 7: Good Teacher

destiny number 7

With Destiny Number 7, you are regarded by many as a good teacher. You always want to teach positive things to the people you surround yourself with. You are also good at learning new skills from others.

Destiny Number 8: Being Ambitious

destiny number 8

With Number 8, you always aim higher. Your aim in life is to create a life that you will be proud of at the end of the day. You do not let opportunities pass you by.

Expression Number 9: Improve Your Life

destiny number 9

Destiny Number 9 brings positive energies into your life. You are always looking toward being perfect. All you do is become better and not be in the same place for long.

Destiny Number 11: Excellent Social Workers

destiny number 11

People who possess the Number 11 are great social workers. They love doing good and positively impacting people’s lives. Most of the time, take a spiritual path that will allow you experience spiritual growth and spiritual enlightenment.

Destiny Number 22: Great Inner Strength

destiny number 22

Number 22, just like Number 11, is a Master Number. It brings out the best in you. With inner strength, you can overcome challenges that bring you down at every corner. You take up big projects that will enable you to realize your full potential.


A numerological chart is relatively simple to prepare and understand. The destiny number can be seen to guide those tasks you need to complete in this life and the purpose of your life. Often a numerology reading is done for a child so that the parents are prepared to guide their child into a good life.

Numerology Expression Number Calculator
Expression Number Calculator

This number does not reveal what will happen to you but will also guide you into an appropriate profession, looking at important events in your life and your attitude as examples. Using a nickname or married name for the expression number calculation is inappropriate.

If the expression number as an example is one, the individual will be a born leader. This person may well be an inventor and will succeed in the business world. Their ability to complete a task will only grow as they become older. They are very likely to find financial freedom in their lives.

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