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Heart’s Desire Soul Urge Number: Your Name Holds Great Meaning

Heart’s Desire Number: A Message From Letters in Your Name 

The Soul Urge or Heart’s Desire Number Calculator is designed to help you locate the heart’s desire number. This number is calculated based on the vowels in your name. The Heart’s Desire Number lets you see some of those things you want in life that you are unaware you want. Get your Heart’s Desire or soul urge number Calculator reading today!


Heart’s Desire Number: Overview

The Heart’s Desire Number or Soul Urge Number is reflective of your innermost desires. When you examine The Heart’s Desire Number, you will discover the highest wish in your heart. You will learn about your passions and the hidden parts of yourself. The Heart’s Desire reading will also make you more aware of the dreams that have not been brought to full consciousness.

For example, with the soul urge Number two: this individual will need a close companion. If their home can be peaceful, this will be better for them. It would be their wish to resolve any argument through negotiation and diplomacy; they are not warriors. Companionship is a significant part of what they need to enjoy well-being and be grounded.


With the Heart’s Desire Number displaying your likes and dislikes, you may wish to keep this reading private. An excellent numerology reading is available to learn more about your soul urge number. It provides an understanding of how you are affected by the Heart’s Desire Number.

Numerology Heart Desire Number Calculator
Heart Desire Number Calculator

Calculating Soul Urge Number

The heart’s desire number is derived from your name, and it gives you purpose in life. If you feel lost, this number will bring meaning to your life. You will be able to discern the right path to follow and the changes you need to make to get ahead in life.

To discover your soul urge number, these are the steps to follow;

Step 1

Add the value of the vowels in your full birth name. For example, if the full birth name is Anne Smith Brown;

A-1 + E-5 + I-9 + O-6= 21

Step 2

If the above results give you a double digit, sum up the digits until you get a single number.

2 + 1= 3

Therefore, your heart’s desire number is 3.


The Meaning of Heart’s Desire or Soul Urge Numbers

Soul Urge Number 1: Leadership skills

soul urge number 1

Heart’s Desire Number 1 tells you that you are a good leader. Your focus is to ensure that people work diligently around you. You can lead people in the right direction. You value organization and are always working towards becoming the best in all aspects of your life.

Soul Urge Number 2: Independent, Reliable, and Compassionate

soul urge number 2

You make a good colleague, partner, and friend that people can count on. Heart’s Desire Number 2 reveals that you love your independence but are dependent on others when you need the same. Everything you do has an inclination towards being of service to others.


Soul Urge Number 3: Creative and Brilliant

soul urge number 3

You use your skills and talents to bring out the best in yourself. Nothing is beyond you because you are creative in your thinking. All you do leads you towards achieving a happy and fulfilled life. Heart’s Desire Number 3 urges you to bring your ideas to life by being creative.

Heart’s Desire Number 4: Ambitious and Hard Working

soul urge number 4

You choose careers that bring out the best in you. You always want to be the best in everything you do. Soul Urge Number 4 reveals that you do not take no for an answer when making your dreams a reality. While pursuing success, do not forget to have fun and spend time with your loved ones.

Soul Urge Number 5: You Only Live Once

soul urge number 5

You only live once is your motto. You work towards living your life to the fullest. Heart’s Desire Number 5 reveals that you have no time for regrets. It is easier to move on with your life and not focus on the past because you are progressive. Positive changes do you well, as your aim in life is growth and progress.

Soul Urge Number 6: Caring and Loving

soul urge number 6

You often put yourself first and, at times, forget about yourself. Be happy taking care of others but also take care of yourself. Heart’s Desire Number 6 influences your life so that love thrives. Hate has no place in your life.

Soul Urge Number 7: Intelligence and Search for Truth

soul urge number 7

Heart’s Desire Number 7 urges you to be true to yourself. Use your intelligence to overcome challenges and obstacles in your life. You always need to discover the truth. You cannot live a dishonest life because the fact holds a special place in your heart.

Soul Urge Number 8: Go-Getter

soul urge number 8

Nothing gets past you. You make the best out of every opportunity that presents in your life. You attract people because of your determination, commitment, and patience. All you want in life will manifest because you work hard at the same. Heart’s Desire Number 8 assures you of great success at the end of the day.

Soul Urge Number 9: Humanitarianism

soul urge number 9

You enjoy using your blessings to bless others. People find you accommodative and can freely talk about their feelings and emotions. Being of service to others gives you a sense of purpose and belonging. Heart’s Desire Number 9 tells you that you always work towards making the world a better place.

Soul Urge Number 11: Wisdom

You are constantly driven to bring peace and harmony among conflicting people. You are naturally a peacemaker. Heart’s Desire Number 11 urges you always to do what is good for you and others.

Soul Urge Number 22: Living Life with Intention

Everything in your life must have meaning. Heart’s Desire Number 22 is a Master Number that urges you to walk on the right spiritual path, and clarity and great understanding will make their way into your life.

Heart’s Desire Number 33: Always Present for Your Loved Ones

Your loved ones mean the world to you. Soul urge number 33 reveals that you will do everything you can to provide them with a comfortable life.

Heart’s Desire Number: Conclusion

The Heart’s Desire Number seeks those things that are so secret to us that we are not even aware of them, nor are others in our lives. These are traits that we may not see for a very long time in our lives.

If someone who has been an accountant all their life becomes an actor, it is probably the heart’s desire coming to the fore. If these numbers are not a good match, a relationship will often not be successful.

Importance of Vowels in your Name

The Soul Urge Number is based on the name rather than the date of birth, as are many numerology numbers. The vowels in your names are considered when doing this Calculation. All the vowels in your name are assigned their numeric value.

Your soul urge number reveals what motivates you to become and do better in life. Even when lost, this number will always provide you with a way out.

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