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Planes Of Expression Number Meanings

What Are Planes Of Expression Numbers?

A person’s temperament and nature is divided into 4 parts. The four parts are the physical, mental, emotional and the intuitive sides of an individual’s personality. The planes of expression number is also known as the personal aspects number in numerology.

It tells about a person’s temperament and nature. The four parts show the different aspects of a person’s general nature. This number also tells about which of the four sides of a person is strong. Any of the 4 parts can be dominant in a person that subdues the other parts. The personality of an individual can be determined by analyzing which of the four parts are dominant. Try the free planes of expression number calculator right away.

A person experience life on four different levels i.e. the physical level; the mental level; the emotional makeup; level and the intuitive level. Each of these areas can perceive information in different ways.

The physical body can touch, taste, get pleasure, and experience pain. It makes us feel the physical world with these senses. The mental body likes the emotional and intuitive natures, makes us get a taste of the invisible worlds.

Our minds help us think. The heart deals with the world of emotion. With our feelings we can learn many things about ourselves and about others. Finally, we can have direct contact with the higher realms by way of intuition. Each person has these four faculties.

Planes Of Expression Number Meanings.

Planes Of Expression Number Meanings

1. Plane of Expression: Physical (body)

People with a dominant physical plane of expression numerology reading have a basic strong body constitution. You have a flexible and a strong body. You can undergo physical strain. You are a versatile human being and you are resourceful. You are flexible and you like change in intervals.

You like to travel to places and meet different people of different cultures and backgrounds. You have varied ideas and you have the inborn talents to express those ideas in an effective way.

You are attracted to new and different things. You also look for excitement in your life. You seek and gain knowledge and understanding through varied experiences.

You want to lead life in an unique and an innovative way. You don’t like things to be done in a tried and tested, conventional and traditional way. You have good communication skills. You can express yourself in an efficient way. You have persuasive skills and people are convinced by the way you talk to them.

This makes you a good salesman. It also tells about how you react and adjust to your environment. This side constitutes your five senses i.e. touch, taste etc. It tells about your strengths and weaknesses.

2. Plane of Expression: Mental (mind)

The Mental Plane of Expression number describes your thought process and how your mind works in different situations. It helps you to know about and understand how things work logically. It reveals how you react to different situations.

People having dominant mental plane of expression have strong personalities. You show serious concern with logic, reason and precise fact-finding. You deal with a situation with logic and practicality. You are capable of being a very strong leader. (Try these mental fitness exercises).

You will excel in whichever competitive career you select. You have a high reasoning power, which can compete with the best in your environment.

3. Plane of Expression: Emotional (heart)

People with dominant Emotional plane of expression number have their heart rule their emotional senses. This plane of expression helps you realize how emotional or sensitive you can be. Know how you react to certain situations. Basically it tells you about your EQ (emotional quotient) and perceptions.

The emotional side of your personality is very strong in your makeup. You view things with emotion and imagination without much concern for the genuine facts of the matter. You get carried away easily at times.

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Your ideas and viewpoints are original and creative and you carry your work with care. Your sentimental, sympathetic and caring side is also very strong. You are open and honest in any relationship. Your heart dominates this part of your personality. Your compassionate and emotional side is expressed by this part of your personality. (Get your free numerology compatibility reading).

4. Plane of Expression: Intuitive (spirit)

People with a dominant Spiritual Plane of Expression number are highly sensitive or psychic. Your intuition is very strong. It helps you to understand your spirituality. You are concerned with the spiritual, metaphysical and the philosophical issues of life. You should listen to your inner voice for spiritual guidance and direction.

You are compassionate and kind. You always look for spiritual enlightenment. You seek your soul’s inner development. Your spiritual side is expressed by this part of your personality. You come to terms with your inner self and know your hidden strengths and weaknesses.

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  1. What does it mean if you have no number at all for a plane of expression? In my case, it is the intuitive plane that is a 0.

    • Zero is a contraction to itself. I look at zero like a thin veil or a door that can open and closed. We constantly receive ideas, thoughts, messages from our minds or can I say intuitively. When this happens we think it’s actually from our minds, but how do these thoughts or ideas occur out of no where and where do they come from. That’s the real question.

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