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Birthday Number 29 – Born On The 29th Day Of The Month

Birthday Number 29 – Features

Birthday number 29 people are usually sensitive, intuitive and patient. Those born on the 29th of the month have double-digit birthdays. Take the two numbers and add them together. Two plus nine equals 11, so then you add one plus 1 to get 2. When you get into the higher numbers, it gets interesting. You always want to reduce to a single digit. You also want to look at all the numbers that influence your life.

Those with the number 29 in their lives are intelligent, sophisticated and intuitive. They might make great counselors or psychologists, as they often understand human nature very well. This helps them to stand strong, as they know this too shall pass. Although they are gentle and loving most of the time, they can be angry and formidable when mistreated.

You want to look at all the numbers that create your life path. Those born on the 29th would look at the 2, the 9 and the 29. They may also want to look at 1 or 11 for its influence on their personality although that is taken into account with the 29. What does number 29 mean in numerology? The 2 is the major influence as it is the master number. Twenty-nine also has great influence, as it is the soul power number or birthday number.

Birthday Number 29

Born on the Twenty-Ninth – Personality

Most birthday number 29 personality tend to be peace-loving and kind. Those with the number 29 will make great lawyers as they have a knack for arguing. They are creative and original. They might also make for great actors or something else in the entertainment industry.

What is so special about the number 29? The number 29 is considered the most feminine and the most underestimated number in numerology. They are not considered tough or strong though they can be. Generally, the number two if the 29 can take a lot of bending before she breaks. She can endure and be flexible enough to bounce back when she is needed. This is just like a woman, although they can appear very fragile and even seem quite emotional, they can withstand the greatest pain such as childbirth and come out stronger in the end. Although the number 1 appears powerful and in control, he often relies on his partner, the number 2. She can be his greatest personal ally. He often turns to her in times of need or strife.

Birthday Number Analysis

Date of Birth:

Everyone loves those with the number 29 in their realm. They are sweet, gentle and kind except when crossed. Some say you are very spiritual and can almost read minds or predict the future. You will make a good writer or a businessman. Many will admire your intelligence and intuition. You will make a great leader or visionary. People will seek you out for help and advice. Your best match is with 2’s, 5, 7 or 9.

Birth Date 29 Numerology – Things to Avoid & Suggestions

Birthday number 29 people are gifted and talented but may not be successful. They tend to like drama. They start fights and enjoy pranks. Also, they are insecure and fearful; perhaps this is why they are always joking. They can be lazy and spoiled. The Moon rules twos and those born on the 29th. The moon’s influence can make them moody, indecisive and unstable. Women especially tend to be very emotional and insecure. They are short-tempered and jealous especially in relationships. Women are more family oriented. Men under this birthday number 29 will fight with their family. They are daydreamers that tend to have low self-esteem. They can be moody and unpredictable, changing with time and circumstances.

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