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Personal Year Number Meanings – Part I

What Are Personal Year Numbers?

The personal year number in numerology describes how the current year will turn out for you based on your date of birth. We all know that each year of your life is different in one way or the other from the other years of your life.

There are basically nine personal years in the life of a person. This depends on the year for which you are taking  the Personal number reading. If you do not know your personal year, then try this free online personal year number calculator and get your numerology predictions for the coming year! Find out how 2017-2018 will turn out for you in terms of love, career and health and prosperity.

Personal Year Number Meanings

Personal Year 1

The Personal Year Number 1 represents a year of new beginnings in life. It is the first of the nine-year life cycle of your life. This year will be adventurous and you might face new and exciting challenges. This is also the year to lay the foundation for the coming years of your life. You may need to work hard for undertaking new ventures.

With your greater physical strength and high energy levels you will be able to carry on the hard work. You will have to be responsive to the changes happening in your life or else you will have to wait for nine years.

Personal year numerology 1 shows that this is the year to be flexible and adapt to changes. You should plan your future carefully and set your goals realistically. It is not the time to dwell on the past.

It is the time to look forward and make new beginnings. The problems  of the past will disappear and you will see yourself taking new challenges. In this year you should take on the many opportunities coming your way.

Personal Year 2

Personal year number 2 is the year of progress, cooperation and patience. In this year things will move at a slow and steady pace. Your life would see some vital developments. It is not a time to exert force and move ahead. You need to show cooperation and build relationships. That would be beneficial for the future. It is a year to take stock of things.

Personal Year Number

Date of Birth:

You will face delays due to impediments so you need to be patient in this year. You should also make an effort to help to others this year. You make take some time off and help others in their work. You will have to exercise self-control and handle emotional sensitivity.

It is the time to improve your ability for cooperative work with colleagues. In this personal year you gain benefits by being calm and composed. You might experience some emotional and mental turmoil. You might get involved with a person of opposite sex, which might culminate, into marriage. If already married, there might be deepening of feelings in the relationship.

The personal year number in numerology describes how the current year will turn out for you based on your date of birth

Personal Year 3

Personal numerology predictions for number 3 year shows this is a year when you will be very social and creative. You will be a social butterfly this year. You will have a bright and cheerful demeanor this year. This is a year to maintain contacts with old friends and broaden your social horizon. It is also a year to make some new friends. In this year you may get involved in a romantic affair or your existing love affair may bloom.

You want to live life to its fullest now though you might face its negative effects later in life. You responsibilities are lessened. You will exhaust your energies and be involved in too many things at the same time. You may be laden with work. So you should take some time off and try to enjoy life as well.

It is also an ideal year to develop your creative talents i.e. talents related to arts. You might get recognition for your artistic works in this year. Your freewheeling attitude may make you less responsible and impractical. You are also prone to take rash decisions. So you need to be extra careful about your acts. In this year you might not get major financial benefits.

Personal Year 4

The personal year calculator says that number 4 year is time for hard work and a slow, but steady progress. You will be realistic and practical this year. You have to come to face facts of life this year. In this year you will have to work hard to gain something. You also need to have self-control on yourself. Your hard work might not generate the fruitful results that you were hoping for. This may frustrate you greatly.

This is the personal year 4 when you will have to work hard for things to progress. This is the time to organize yourself and focus on your current and past performance. It is a time when you can get the real taste of things and bring yourself down to earth. Your professional responsibilities will increase.

The effort and hard work needed to maintain a reasonable level of existence too will go up. You may tend to neglect your health and thus face problems. So in this year you should be extra careful about your health and diet. Your physical resistance to diseases is also low and you may become sick more often. It is a year to finish the existing work and start planning for the New Year.

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