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hidden passion number

Numerology Hidden Passion Number Meanings

What Is Hidden Passion Number in Numerology

All of us are born with some talents. The hidden passion number in numerology tells you about your hidden talents and strengths. This number also reveals your personality.

We also get an idea about how to use and direct our positive strengths in the right way so that we reap the maximum benefits out of them. Numerology is like a guide to your life.


Hidden Passion Number Meanings

Hidden Passion Number 1

hidden passion number 1People of this number in a numerology reading are very creative and artistic. You express your creativity in an effective way. You are good organizers and are methodical in your work. You like to lead than be led. You are fiercely competitive and become arrogant at times.

You show your creative streak and have the most original ideas. You have originality and individuality. You always strive for excellence. You hate to lag behind others. You are also very competitive. You express everything in a creative fashion. You have a high intuition. You can also influence others. You have high ambitions. Sometimes you may become violent, arrogant, and dominating.


Hidden Passion Number 2

Hidden Passion Number 2You are a selfless individual. You want to help others without wanting anything in return. You like to socialize and seek the company of others. You like to work in teams and are kind and compassionate. You have a creative and artistic bend of mind and appreciate the beauty in different forms. You are calm and composed and don’t like to be involved in any conflicts.


You like to maintain harmony in all respects and you can maintain peace. You like to work in a team. You are also helpful to others. You don’t want recognition in return. You are basically very creative and artistic and have a great appreciation for beauty in any form. You are also calm, sensitive, and emotional. You do not like rudeness. You have the habit of wasting your time on trivial matters. You should try to avoid being too sensitive.


Hidden Passion Number 3

hidden passion number 3People with this numerology number have good verbal and written communication skills and thus express their creative skills in an effective way. You are a happy, cheerful person and you make others happy as well. You like to see the positive side of life and get motivation from it.


In spite of your positive qualities, you might tend to lose focus in life. Your hidden talent is your creative expression and joy. You are a good communicator and you like to communicate. You have good writing, oratory, and artistic skills. You have an inner charm and charisma. You can motivate people who come in contact with you. You need to be more focused in life.

Hidden Passion Number 4

hidden passion number 4The numerology calculator shows you are a practical and realistic person. You work methodically and in an organized way. You like to go into the details of a matter and thus tend to lose patience and concentration. Otherwise, you like to do things in a steady and disciplined way. You appreciate hard work.


You yourself put much effort into the work at hand. You don’t like to experiment and follow the conventional way to do and complete a job. You like to go in a steady and calm manner. You are a practical and realistic individual. You practice a great level of self-discipline and determination. You have very good concentration power. There is a tendency to get too rigid or bogged down by details.

Hidden Passion Number 5

hidden passion number 5You are unconventional and would like to do things in new and different ways. You are experimental in doing things. You always look for a change in your life. You are optimistic and always on the search for the new and hidden facts of life. You don’t like to stick to a particular way of life and are always on the move.


You are very adventurous and like to taste life in different ways. You like to travel to different places and discover new things. You are also very resourceful. You are like a wanderer and you are restless. You won’t be able to stick to a project for a long time.

Hidden Passion Number 6

hidden passion number 6With number 6, like to be with your near and dear ones and would do anything for them. You value personal relationships. You want love and affection from others. For you, family and friends are of utmost importance. You are sympathetic and like to help others.

You have a true humanitarian heart. Sometimes you forget about your own needs and desires to make others happy. You may make other people uncomfortable by interfering too much in their affairs.

Hidden Passion Number 7

hidden passion number 7You are a very curious person. You like to go to the details of an issue and gain vast and detailed knowledge of it. You thus make good researchers and philosophers. You like to be in isolation and reflect on things. You also have a high level of intellect but you can’t express your vast knowledge in a proper manner.

You are also very intuitive and have a good understanding of the unworldly things. Knowledge is power. You love to learn all that you can, immersing deep within any subject that inspires you. You crave solitude and time to think, reflect, research, and philosophize.

You are an intellectual as well as an unconventional person. You are highly intuitive and have a deep insight and understanding of abstract things. You may not be very expressive and may sometimes be depressed.

Hidden Passion Number 8

hidden passion number 8People of this number are born leaders. You have managerial skills and like to do work in an organized and proper manner. You give value to monetary and financial matters and strive to attain success in your chosen field. You like social status and power. You have good managerial and organizing capabilities.

You have the most original and innovative ideas and you make a good visionary, master, and leader in your chosen field of study and/or pursuit. You really value money and you will work tirelessly to achieve your material goals. For you, status, money, and power mean the end of the world.

Hidden Passion Number 9

hidden passion number 9You are born with the inborn trait of serving mankind. You are a humanitarian at heart and like to help and support others whenever they need it. You are worldly-wise but sensitive and emotional. You don’t possess very good communication skills and may not be able to express your ideas and feelings properly.

You love to be involved in social work. You have a benevolent nature and you are highly concerned about the world. You do not need to seek wisdom from other sources since you are born wise. You are very sensitive and emotional by nature. Sometimes you may not very sensible and you would not be able to communicate well.


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