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Number 7 House Numerology: Ideal for Peaceful People

7 House Numerology Meaning: A Sense of Spirituality

Based on 7 house numerology, houses with the number 7 are ideal for spiritual persons who love living in isolation enjoying their peace. These people tend to explore the deeper meanings of life. They keep to themselves most times and meditate often.


House 7 number is a haven of spirituality. You love being one with the universe and your higher self. Most occupants of this house are spiritual, religious, and introspective. This house number is ideal for people who wish to break out from their normal lives.


Based on 7 apartment number numerology, this house is ideal for troubled souls. If you feel like you need time to find yourself and your purpose, this is the best house for you. It is a matter of working towards changing your life for the better.


Is 7 an Unlucky or Lucky House Number to Certain Individuals?

Many cultures around the world view number 7 as a lucky number. It is a prime number and represents many aspects of the things surrounding us, such as the seven colors of the rainbow and seven days of the week, among others. It is also a number of completions.


7 House Numerology: Influence on Your Life

The moon governs number 7. People staying in house number 7 are inclined towards seeking the truths of life. If you are looking to isolate yourself, you can take comfort in a number 7 apartment, home, or house.

7 home number numerology reveals that professional writers benefit greatly by being in house number 7. It is peaceful enough for them to concentrate on their writing. It is also a nice abode for people recovering from abusive relationships and marriages.

House 7 number brims with positive energies meant for spiritual and mental healing.

This is not a good house for couples who get along because they might grow apart.

7 Adress Numerology Décor

Avoid artifacts and paintings that attract negative energy. Always have items in your house for good fortune. Live green plants in your home attract positive energies you need to get through life.

Keep your house clean and tidy. Leave no room for the accumulation of dust. Also, find ways of getting rid of unwanted insects.

Set aside a room for meditation and reading. It won’t hurt to have statues of gods in your house.

Colors suitable for home décor are purple, yellow, and orange.

Precautions to be Taken by People Living in House Number 7

Ensure you check your house regularly for leakages and drainage issues.

Being alone in the house, you might feel lonely at times. It is important that you socialize every chance you get.

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