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Birthday Number 14

Birthday Number 14 – Born On The 14th Day Of The Month

Birthday Number 14 – Features

Those born on the 5th, 14th, or 23rd have two sides to their personality. Birthday day number 14 people are intuitive and intelligent yet analytical. They can adapt to their surroundings and tend to take on the characters of those around them. They are like chameleon spirit guides.


The number 5 is for the planet Mercury. Mercury is the son of the Moon and Jupiter’s wife. The moon ran off with Jupiter’s wife, and their love child was Mercury. Thus, Mercury is known for being moody (the term is mercurial.) Mercury is also known for its duality and wit. Number 5’s are fast thinkers but also quickly change their minds.


Careers for birthday number fourteen are teachers, booksellers, tour guides, aviators, reporters or journalists, writers, editors, publishers, and any work related to cinema, radio, or television. The Lucky Days for birth number 14 are Wednesday and Friday. The lucky color is green (like money!).

What is so special about the number 14? Those born on the fourteenth are very different from the birthdays that came before them. Where the 13 loathes change, the 14 lives for it. Birthday number 14 people love excitement and change. They love to travel and try new things.


Born on the Fourteenth – Personality

Birthday number 14 people are modest, sensible, and practical. They are hard-working, courteous, and prudent. They can also be impulsive and unpredictable. Those born under the number 14 generally love money. They think everyone lives for cash as much as they do, so their friends and spouses are as greedy as they are.


Is number 14 a lucky number? Those born on the 14th are an odd combination indeed. The number 1 is fiery and ambitious, whereas the four are intelligent and organized. They add up to the number 5 as their master number who loves freedom. Money is freedom – it can allow people to do whatever they want. Those born under the age of 14 work hard to make money to have freedom and happiness.

Characteristics of Birthday 14 Number People

Birthday number 14 is usually quite adaptable and creative. They constantly need to change jobs, partners, and homes to frustration. Then they will be building their life all over again and again. They need to be cautious to avoid this. It will help to have a stable influence in their lives.

Those with life path 5 are talkative and egotistic as well. They can make friends easily, but they can also move on quickly. Put two 5’s together, and they will most likely argue or fight because they want to talk simultaneously.

Birth Date 14 Numerology – Things to Avoid & Suggestions

Fourteens get bored quickly, especially with the same old thing. They need to be careful that they don’t change too much because this can lead to losing too much. Then the 14 become sad or depressed. Although the 14 are usually adaptable, they can become upset or emotional when they lose too much or act without thinking.

Birth number 14, people have to be careful to develop their personalities. They may have had a strict upbringing in childhood where they were told what to do. As a consequence, now they don’t know who they are. So they tend to borrow from their environment. Some people might think they are phony, although they do not mean to be. They need to figure out who they are and what they want and like.

Those with a birthday number 14 can be prone to pessimism. They will be better off if they can be more optimistic. However, sometimes their spontaneous decisions might not be their best choices. This can bring about jealousy or sorrow.

Birthday 14 Numerology: Potentials And Downfalls

People born on the 14th day of the month like the company of people, and working in groups excites them. You love to travel to different exotic places to feel stimulated. Besides, you are adaptable to changes. You have excellent written communication skills, which makes you a good writer and an editor. People of this number have many talents. You are very versatile, and there are a few things you cannot do. Once you have committed, you work hard toward its completion.

Meaning of Birthday Numerology 14

You have good social skills. You are confident and headstrong, but your luck is also helpful in making things happen for you. This makes you effectively express your ideas. You have a calm and composed exterior; beneath that exterior lies emotional turbulence due to rapid changes in your life and frequent mood swings.

You are innovative and work systematically. Even though you are very systematic and organized, sometimes you become impatient and get annoyed with routine work of any kind. You have good grasping power, and you understand a situation quickly. You don’t forget responsibility and have a progressive and liberal attitude.

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