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Birthday Number 18

Birthday Number 18 – Born On The 18th Day Of The Month

Birthday Number 18 – Features

Those born on the eighteenth day of the month have the influence of the one, the eight, and the 9. Birthday number 18 or soul power number 18 can be challenging and ambitious. Eighteens are lucky with money. They need to be careful of this to avoid making hasty or impulsive financial decisions. Also, be cautious when lending money to people. You tend to be a sucker for a sob story. So, remember, if you lend someone money, expect you will never see it again.


So is number 18 a lucky number? The Lucky Days for Number 18 are Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays but especially Tuesdays because this is Mars Day. Lucky colors for the nines are red and crimson or shades of red or pink. And the lucky stones are ruby, garnet, or bloodstones.


Born on the Eighteenth – Personality

Birthday number 18 people are talented in law, politics, religion, and art. They will probably be educated in many different fields. They will travel a lot and can relate to many kinds of people. Also, they are very intuitive and emotional. They tend to be late bloomers, and it will take them time before they decide on their career path. In their heart of hearts, though, they want to help humanity. They blossom when helping others. The more they give, the more they will receive spiritually and financially.


The birthday number 18  numerology can be one of the conflicting extremes. They can either be very successful or very jealous of another’s success. Also, they can be highly intuitive or completely oblivious. They can be their own worst enemy and have to guard against this.


Characteristics of Birthday 18 Number People

Nine is considered an auspicious number to be under as long as they can learn to control their temper. Those born on the 18th will have it easier later in life, provided they can learn to avoid violence and foolhardiness. It can be a great life for those born on the 18th, although it is not very peaceful.


Birthday number 9 significantly influences the lives of those born on the 9th, 18th, and 27th. The number 9 is symbolized by the Planet Mars. It is the number of energy, force, destruction, and war. Those born on the 9th, 18th, and 27th usually have a hard time in their early years, but they are fighters. The number 9 can never be destroyed, for the nine consistently reproduce itself when multiplied by any number. For instance, nine times two is 18, one plus eight is nine, and so on.

Birth Date 18 Numerology – Things to Avoid & Suggestions

People born on the 18th can be very insecure despite their intelligence and hard work. They can be quite sensitive, and when they feel insecure, they can become too accommodating or stubborn. They need to learn to talk it out more or trust their instincts.

Eighteen birthday personalities can be great leaders, but they can sometimes come across too harshly and risk losing friends. If they can learn to soften their personality, this would go a long way toward their popularity.

Birthday number 18 means there may have been some issues in early childhood or from a family with negative attachments. They may have left home early and still have a challenging relationship with their parents. They will have to learn to let go of the negativity in their life. Their challenge is to forgive and accept what is done so they can move on. If they entertain any thoughts of revenge, it will only backfire against them.

Birthday 18 Numerology: Potentials And Downfalls

You are a good organizer, an organized worker, and a born leader. You have the qualities to become successful in the corporate field. In addition, you can inspire and motivate others. You are also a compassionate person and have a liberal and open-minded attitude.

You have creative skills, and your imagination runs high. It will take time for you to choose a profession. You realize your field of expertise by experiencing different life situations and coming in contact with many different people. You are a person with all the qualities which people would admire. Though you share an open relationship with others, some of your ideas are unexpressed.

Meaning of Birthday Numerology 18

You lead a peaceful and happy life. People born on the 18th day of the month like to work in a group and at the same time maintain their individuality. You have the urge to do something for the betterment of humanity, and you get satisfaction from charity work. You handle business-related issues in a more philanthropic manner.

Besides, you have good administrative capabilities. You have a dramatic personality and are more demonstrative in expressing yourself to others.

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