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Address Numerology

Address Numerology

A house is the most important possession for any human being. Nobody can live without some kind of house or shelter. Therefore it is highly important that the needful is done to ensure happiness of the residents of the house due to its influence on their happiness.

Now to some extent the happiness, prosperity and the general health of the residents of a house is dependent on the house and its number. In addition to this a multitude of other factors bear connection with the numbers associated with the house. The connection and its effects might be direct in nature or indirect.

There are certain rules and guidelines pertaining to the subject of address numerology. One of the rule states that there are a number of factors like the color used in the house or the different directions of the house that affect the influence of house numbers on owner and other residents.

Thus it is of prime importance for the house owners and other residents to get a house number interpretation. Once the interpretation is done then on the basis of house number analysis the needful could be done for best results.

There are many experts who help house owners in getting house number analysis. However the experts might prove to be a bit expensive. Thus one could avoid all the hassle and use the address numerology calculator presented here. It is free and easy to use.

All one needs to do is enter the name, house number, street name and the date of birth of the owner. After this the there are two options. In the first option it is asked if the numerology is already done for the owned property and the second option is if the property is new.

house number

One of the two options is to be selected and then the button with proceed written on it is selected. In either case that is if the property is already owned or if the property is new, a detailed numerology report comes up. The report contains the numerology number of the property.

The report also contains information on the positive aspects of the house, the negative aspects, and the positive colors. In addition to this the effect of the house number on the residents and the owner is explained. The report deals with certain extra information like the life path number, the primary color, the secondary color, and the key words. The detailed description of planets is also given so the needful could be done. Apart from these there is information on the birthday number and the name number.

Thus one must try using this numerology calculator. It would be better to get this analysis and prediction done before the house is built. This is because a house is very important part of person’s life and its implications on the life of a person could not and must not be taken lightly. Get your free address numerology reading for 2014 right away!

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