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House Number Numerology: What Does Your Address Mean?

House Number Numerology – Lucky And UnLucky Addresses

According to house number numerology, a house or home is the most important possession for any human being. Nobody can live without some kind of house or shelter. Therefore, it is highly important that the needful is done. Ensure the happiness of the residents of the house due to its influence on their happiness.


The happiness, prosperity, and general health of the residents of a house depends on the house and its number. In addition to this, a multitude of other factors bears a connection with the numbers associated with the house. The connection and its effects might be direct in nature or indirect.


Rules and Guidelines Pertaining to House Number Numerology

There are certain rules and guidelines pertaining to the subject of address numerology. One of the rules states that there are a number of factors. The color used in the house or the different directions of the house affect the influence of house numbers on the owner and other residents.


Thus, the house owners and other residents need to get a house number interpretation. Once the interpretation is done, the needful could be done based on house number analysis for best results.

Finding House Numerology Without A Numerology Calculator

To calculate house number numerology, add up all the digits of your street address. Do this till you come to a single digit.

For example, the address 45678 Charleston Street, would be

First step: 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 = 30

Second Step: 3 + 0 = 3

Therefore, your house number is 3.

Your address may have a letter in it, for example, 4B. You use the corresponding number to that letter, in this case, B=2.


How T0 Use An Apartment Numerology Calculator?

There are many experts who help house owners in getting house number analysis. However, the experts might prove to be a bit expensive. Thus one could avoid all the hassle and use the address numerology calculator presented here. It is free and easy to use.

All one needs to do is enter the name, house number, street name, and date of birth of the owner. After this, there are two options. The first option asks if the numerology is already done for the owned property. The second option is if the property is new.

house number

Select one of the two options, and then the “Proceed” button. In either case, if the property is already owned or if the property is new, a detailed numerology report comes up. The report contains the lucky house numbering of the property.

What To Expect in the  Home Numerology Report

The report also contains information on the positive aspects of the house, the negative aspects, and the positive colors. In addition to this, the effect of the house number on the residents and the owner is explained. The report deals with extra information like the life path number, the primary color, the secondary color, and the keywords. A detailed description of planets is also given to do the needful. Apart from these, there is information on the birthday number and the name number.

Thus one must try using this numerology calculator. It would be better to get this analysis and prediction done before the house is built. This is because a house is a very important part of a person’s life. Its implications on a person’s life could not and must not be taken lightly. Get your free address numerology reading right away!

The Meaning of House Numbers in House Numerology

Numerology House Number 1

house number numerology 1

This house number is suitable who love being in control of their lives. You are assertive and aggressive when it comes to your goals and aspirations. You go for what you want because you love taking charge and leading your life on the right path.

Numerology House Number 2

house number numerology 2

People who reside in house number 2 are the luckiest. They have the freedom to nurture professional and personal relationships of their choice. These people value harmony, peaceful coexistence, and personal growth.

Numerology Lucky House Number 3

house number numerology 3

House number 3 stands for creative minds who love exploring their talents and showcasing their abilities. In this house, you will be able to explore great creative ideas that will enable you to elevate your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Address Numerology Number 4

house number numerology 4

Living in home number 4 guarantees you a stable life. All your plans will go as scheduled, and nothing will hinder your progress. People who reside in this house are hardworking, determined, and committed.

Apartment Numerology Number 5

house number numerology 5

This house is full of positive energies that enable you to make positive changes. People living in this house face challenges with grace and confidence, and new beginnings are what they love most.

Numerology Home Number 6

house number numerology 6

According to home numerology, this is the best house to raise or start a family. If you want your family to have a happy, prosperous, and fulfilled life, this is the best house for you. It is not suitable for people who intend not to have a family.

Numerology House Number 7

house number numerology 7

House number 7 is one of spiritual realization and the enhancement of psychic abilities. This house promotes internal thoughts. Also, this is the best place to work on your spiritual growth and peace of mind.

Numerology House Number 8

house number numerology 8

In Feng Shui, Number 8 signifies abundance, prosperity, and success. This house challenges you to build solid foundations in life that will enable you to enjoy a bright future. Focus more on how to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Numerology House Number 9

house number numerology 9

House Number 9 is the house of compassion and love. People who live in this house are humanitarians by nature. They like helping people and making the world a better place. Thus, this is the perfect house for building communities and promoting a sense of selflessness.


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