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Jupiter In Sagittarius

Jupiter In Sagittarius: Significance and Meaning

Element And Quality: Fire & Mutable

Celebrities With Jupiter In Sagittarius: Hillary Clinton, Antonio Banderas, Robert Redford, Silvio Berlusconi, Simon Cowell

Keywords for Jupiter in Sagittarius: Spiritual, Spontaneous, Intellectual, Competitive, Lively

Jupiter In Sagittarius: Personality Profile

Because of their energetic nature, Sagittarius zodiac sign are always on the go looking for the next adventure. So Jupiter in Sagittarius uses their enthusiasm and optimistic outlook on life to attract good fortune by seeking out new opportunities. They don’t wait for things to come to them – they seize the day!

Jupiter represents our travel habits, how we bring luck and good fortune into our lives, how we form our ideologies, and how we value our life. For Jupiter in Sagittarius, they love to travel and meet new people and add to their wealth of knowledge. And because they are so receptive of different ideas and opinions their open and easygoing personality naturally attracts profitable opportunities.

The tolerance of Sagittarius Jupiter takes them a long way toward reaching their goals, and with their ruling planet Jupiter in their own star sign they usually achieve those goals. They create their own luck when they follow their own advice, and inspire others to do the same.

Jupiter In Sagittarius. Jupiter In Sagittarius People Use Their Enthusiasm And Optimistic Outlook On Life To Attract Good Fortune.

Sagittarius Jupiter: Positive Traits

Education is a large part of the values of a Jupiter in Sagittarius person, for they feel it’s important for society as a whole to have as much information at their fingertips to make smart choices. That’s another reason travel is so imperative – it’s the best way to spread good ideas as well.

They seem to attract success on a regular basis through their good-natured attitude and ability to develop and change their beliefs as they grow older. This doesn’t mean they are weak of character, of course. Their own opinions are quite valuable to them, which is why they like to explore many different issues before forming such an opinion.

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The Jupiter in Sagittarius can appreciate other people’s thoughts and perceptions without adopting all of them, for this is how they build up their knowledge and experience. They understand that you can have strong convictions but still be open-minded enough to change your beliefs if new and pertinent information presents itself. Their main goal in life is to grow.

Sagittarius Jupiter: Negative Traits

But it’s this very reason that can hinder Jupiter in Sagittarius sometimes, because they are not good with routine or dealing with responsibilities.

They would rather be out living life than taking care of mundane details.

They are usually so busy they can be a bit scatterbrained and might forget an important meeting or not follow through on a potential stroke of luck.

But that doesn’t hinder them for long because they will simply move on to the next possibility for good fortune.


And as a fire sign this is not a difficult task, for Jupiter in Sagittarius has the energy and conviction to make anything happen. While they may not think everything through, they always have a large circle of friends, family and co-workers to help them get the job done. They are sociable and outgoing and love discussing ideas and philosophies with other people, so they are constantly adding more contacts into the mix.

This helps them to keep their eyes and ears open for prosperous chances, and they aren’t afraid to take big risks for big rewards. And Jupiter in Sagittarius loves to spread their good cheer to all those around them, keeping others upbeat and happy.

As long as they follow their instincts and don’t allow themselves to get bogged down by too many projects, they will continue on a successful journey and make all their dreams come true.

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