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Roses Dream Meaning
Rose Dream Meaning

Dreaming of Roses – Meaning, Interpretation and Symbolism

Meaning About Dreaming of Roses

Roses are beautiful flowers symbolic of love, happiness, joy, peace, and harmony. These flowers also signify femininity, romance, and passion. Most flowers are unique, and they hold positive connotations that enable you to look forward to living a great life. Dreaming of roses holds different meanings depending on the context of your dream and what is happening in your waking life.


When interpreting your dream, you should consider the type of rose, its color, its scent, where it appeared, and its significance to what is currently happening in your waking life.

Dreaming of Roses and Their Interpretation

Dreaming of Colors of Roses

Red Rose

A red rose signifies passion, love, and romance. Having this dream is a sign that you hold someone or a group of people close to your heart. It would help if you always nurtured friendships that will benefit you in the long run. This dream is also a message from your psyche that you must allow passion and romance to make their way into your love life.


You live a great life filled with happiness, having that you are surrounded by people you love and care for. Giving a red rose to someone in your dream is a sign that you need to rekindle old friendships.

White Rose

Seeing a dream of a white rose signifies inner peace, good health, happiness, and purity. Negatively, it might be a symbol of death. This dream is also symbolic of new beginnings. If you receive white roses from someone, but you are still sad, you will encounter challenges in the future.


Yellow Rose

Based on the roses dream analysis, dreaming of a yellow rose is symbolic of true friendships. It is also a sign that you will soon find love in the most unexpected places. Receiving a bouquet of yellow roses from someone in your dream is symbolic of someone close to you having strong feelings for you.

Pink Rose

Dreaming of a pink rose is a sign that your love life will take a turn for the better. Things will improve between you and your partner. Treasure every moment you share and always find ways to keep your love going.


Blue Roses

Dreaming of blue roses is a sign that you desire to show someone how much you love and appreciate their presence in your life. It is also a sign of hope and mental and emotional stability.

Orange Roses

According to the roses dream dictionary, orange roses in your dream are symbolic of excitement, new beginnings, happy and fun moments, and great celebrations.

White and Red Roses

Dreaming of white and red roses means that you need to calm yourself down and take charge of your life. Do not let your emotions control you. Find ways that will enable you to achieve peace of mind. Let go of repressed emotions and feelings, and you will be fine.

Black Rose

Seeing a black rose in your dream is a bad omen. Your relationships with people will start failing because of your emotional issues. It is upon you to ensure that you make things right with people you care about before things get out of hand.

Dreams About Someone Giving You Withered Roses

This dream is a sign that things are not going well in your love life. It is also a sign that you owe a lot of money to someone, and you need to find ways of getting your finances in order to pay off your debts.

Receiving withered roses from someone in your dream is also a sign that you will be unlucky in your endeavors. Someone you trust will also most likely betray you and ruin your reputation.

Receiving a Bouquet of Roses in Your Dream

Dreaming of receiving a bouquet of roses from someone is a sign that someone close to you desires you. It is good to know that someone sees you as someone they want to be with.

A lot of roses in your dream is a sign that you need to explore your creative abilities and come out at the top of your game.

Did you See Thorny Roses in Your Dream?

This dream is a sign that you have problems in your personal life that you need to address. It is upon you to find a way of overcoming challenges so that you can move on with your life free from stress.

Dreaming of a Rose Garden

Seeing a rose garden in your dream is symbolic of happiness, prosperity, and security. Loved ones surround you, and you feel blessed to have people in your corner that you can always count on to have your back.

Dreaming of Rose Scents

Dreaming of smelling roses is a sign that you will go through a new experience in your life that will bring out the best in you.

Dream About a Rose Bush

Seeing a rose bush in your dream is symbolic of financial abundance and prosperity. It is also a sign that you should be careful with the risks you take in life because some might backfire on you.

Roses Buds in Your Dream

The roses dream symbol, in this case, reveals that you will fall in love with someone if you follow the proper steps and take care of your heart in the process. Ensure you follow the stages of love because you do not want to get hurt in the end.

Final Analysis and Conclusion of Dreaming of Roses

Dreaming of rose leaves you feeling happy and content about how you live your life. You should approach life with a positive attitude. Also, always welcome love into your life. Love is the greatest gift of all; therefore, you cannot afford not to have it in your life. This dream is a sign that you should be compassionate and kind towards others.

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