Alchemy Planet Symbols

Alchemy Planet Symbols

The ancient alchemists valued all things in nature, including those things that existed in space. Alchemists believed that all areas of life were affected by the planets. The planets, according to them, were involved in all choices, all outcomes, and all happenings. In fact, this was not specific to the alchemists. Other cultures valued the workings of the planets, as well. For example, the ancient Greeks even personified the planets and considered each to be its own unique being. They held the same belief that each and every planet played a part in every major and minor level of existence, from the experience of mankind to the natural world surrounding it.

In traditional alchemy, the planets were interpreted in the number seven. This corresponded to the seven major organs of the human body, thus making it significant and non-coincidental. Additionally, the number seven also represents the seven centers of energy in women and also the seven major metals in alchemical study: gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, mercury, and lead. The seven major planetary symbols and their respective meanings are listed below.


Alchemy Planet Meanings

Jupiter Symbolism

Jupiter is considered to possess high symbolic value in the study of alchemy. It is a positive symbol and is associated with progressive and optimistic vibes.

The alchemists thought that Jupiter played a role in abating the dark moods experienced its fellow planet, Saturn. In these instances, Jupiter was called upon to counter Saturn’s moody disposition with its own optimistic traits. This planet was recognized in a universal degree as the planet of higher mind, conscience, and intellect. As such, it was utilized in challenging practices that required these traits. Jupiter is also thought to symbolize unselfishness, goodness and the seizing of opportunities.

Mars Symbol

The red planet, Mars, is typically adjoined with the metal iron and was thus thought to symbolize maleness. In the alchemical world, Mars denotes physical strength, dominance, and other aspects of male energy. From a philosophical standpoint, Mars was necessary for mankind to balance their primal urges with individual passions and fire.

Mercury Symbolism

We will next consider Mercury, whose alchemical and spiritual symbols have been seen across various ancient texts. This planet in all of its greatness signifies the fluidity, process of transformation, and individual intellect that are necessary for each person. Interestingly, Mercury is the only planet that is also a metal liquid, making it particularly interesting to alchemists. It easily fuses with other metals and is, in essence, the salt of the body (the body being mother Earth).

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Moon Symbolic Meaning

Although it’s not a planet, the moon is revered in the alchemical community. Representing the metal silver, it becomes a stronger element and symbol when combined with the sun (or gold). Additionally, the moon is a representative of fertility and intuition, in addition to resurrection and immortality. It possesses feminine properties and also ensures balance and control.

Saturn Symbolism

Saturn, the brightly ringed planet, can also be viewed in old texts concerning the metal lead. This means that it is also a symbol for dark matter, thus making it a planet that is considered to have evil undertones. Thus, Saturn typically plays its alchemical role in sinister practices and processes. Alternatively, this planet represents supreme order, structure, and a pull toward necessary balance and temperance. It was widely accepted that Saturn took matters into its own hands and had decisive qualities about it.

Sun Symbol

The sun is also obviously not a planet. However, it is the center of our solar system, making its symbolic value impossible to ignore. It has been recognized as great for many centuries and was thus counted among the seven during the ancient alchemy days. The sun was the ultimate symbol of creation and its subsequent parts. For alchemists, the sun specifically represented the creation of the effects that they desired in their practice and experiments. Additionally, the sun was, and still is, considered a great symbol denoting energy, self, and enlightenment.

The moral of the story is this: even if something is outside the realm of your immediate surroundings, you can find meaning in it and apply it to your life.

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