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Tarot Meditation For The Moon Reversed

Associated Colors:

Black for obfuscation, the dark of ignorance

Meditation For The Moon – Reversed

There is a danger to the questioning nature of the Moon, and it lays in questioning what we know, that is in fact true. While this is a healthy activity, all too often that questioning is a matter of fear and being unable to truly accept what we see. The tarot meditation on the reversed moon card shows that others will sometimes lead us astray for their own ends, or merely because they are compelled to and don’t know any better.

As you prepare your meditation area, turn off the lights after you have the card, candle, and cloth set up, ensuring that the moon card is inverted.

As you settle in, find yourself in a state of suspicion, believing that those about you are attempting to deceive you, especially those you have known a great while.

You find yourself on a dark street at night, the street-lights are all out, and the moon shines overhead. As you walk down the road, you find yourself accompanied by a well-dressed man in a black suit. Nicely tailored and very well spoken.

 The tarot meditation on the reversed moon card shows that others will sometimes lead us astray for their own endsAs you travel down the road, you come across a table piled high with produce. All forms of food are on the table, tomatoes with odd color patterns, purple carrots, and blue potatoes. They all carry information about where they’re from, their native roots.

You find yourself intrigued as they talk to you, but the man whispers in your ear. “These are insufficient, they are not protected against disease, and whoever heard of a blue potato? Look how spindly some of them are, how weak. You know Vitamin A is orange, why is that carrot purple? Besides, shouldn’t we shop local?” He points across the way to a storefront where you see all the familiar things of your world.

Orange carrots, white potatoes, red tomatoes, all the staples of growing up. Nothing unusual there, and look it’s all on sale! You see a sign above it that indicates it’s from a locally operated co-op and farm, and he leads you over to it. “Look! The produce is all grown locally too!”

He smiles as you walk in, this place is much better.. He pauses and hands you a bottle of water “Look! its gluten free!” Sure enough, it’s labelled on the side as gluten free! Who knew that water had gluten in it!

As he walks through the store with you, he stops and hands you a box of cereal with big blueberries listed on the side. “And what about this? Blueberries are so good for you! And it has anti-oxidants in it!”

You start to look at the ingredient list, but he quickly takes it away from you and places it back on the shelf. “No time for that, they told you everything you needed to know on the surface.”

As you head towards the front with an arm-full of groceries, you reach for your wallet. He stops you again, “No need, no need! Here, use this card, you can pay for it later and there’s no interest!”

You flip it over to look at the back, and suddenly you are in front of the cashier, and he quickly hands it to her. “Here, use this! Look, they’re a member!” You wander out, feeling very confident in everything you bought today, until you start to think about it.

This man who walked with you, he seemed to tell you everything, but teach you nothing. He was very persuasive, but out of his presence, you wonder… How honest was he?

As you come out of the reversed moon tarot card meditation, think about the people in your life who feed you information. The people who tell you what to believe, even though you have your own opinions.

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