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Kabalarian Philosophy of Advanced Numerology

Philosophy Of Numerology

Advanced Numerology is also known by the words “Mathematical Principle of Name”. Kabalarian Philosophy was founded by Mr. Alfred J. Parker. While basic numerology provides mental qualities associated with particular names, Advanced Numerology deals more with the spiritual quality of names.


This kind of numerology believes that most of the misfortunes experienced by people are too often caused by unbalanced names given during childbirth.


It is believed that to be able to achieve one’s birthright, it is indispensable to be merged with the Universal Consciousness, which is the highest source of mental awareness. The physical body is believed to be the medium in achieving Universal Consciousness.

Advanced Numerology trusts that the name and date of birth harbor inner possibilities, and to have a harmonious and prosperous existence, the name and date of birth should have a balanced co-existence. It is supposed that certain names don’t work well with a certain birth date. The Kabalarian Philosophy maintains that this could be the very reason why life and opportunities seem to be holding back.


Mathematical Analyses

The mathematical principle used in the analyses of names employs the demonstration of “nine basic forces of conscious intelligence”. The natural order of the alphabets and the sequence of the dates will reveal much about the mind, consciousness, and destiny of an individual. Each alphabet which itself is a symbol has a corresponding order and equivalent digit.

The calendar which contains the birth date is a regular pattern of days, weeks, months, and years. And since the language, alphabet, and calendar have begun as concepts from the mind, and then executed for general use, then the mind can manipulate such concepts as well.


Kabalarian Philosophy

The Kabalarian Philosophy believes in the importance of names, especially first names, and its relation to the last name and the birth date, and the vibrations it gives to the individual called by such name. In this Philosophy, the name is an individual’s life. Others will identify a person through the name. The destiny of a person can be read and ascertained by the name.

A person’s name can either make or break him/ her. A name harbors meanings unique unto itself. And when the name meaning is not attuned to the date of a person’s birth, or to the meaning or vibration of the last name, discord could disrupt the peace and success pattern of that individual’s life.

This practice also encourages the change of name for the betterment of an individual’s life. However, they do not advise people to merely change their names overnight, but that they have to make a consultation first with those who are experts in the field of Kabalarian Philosophy.

The proponents of the Kabalarian Philosophy have depended on thorough research in giving people the analyses for their names. The purpose of the analyses of names is to provide people a window to the strengths and weaknesses of their personalities. The Mathematical Principle is usually applied in cases of name change suggestions, so as to effect a more pleasant and balanced name.

The change of name is done so that the limitations of the old name may be done away with, and conditions the mind and the spirit to be more compatible with the inner possibilities brought about by the date of birth, thus fulfilling a person’s inherent birthright.

The Kabalarians believe that a balanced name, and the knowledge of its natural possibilities, can compel the individual to effect a positive change as an effective way to attract wealth, love, success, and good health.

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