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Understanding The Aquarius Woman

Understanding The Aquarius Woman

This last of the air signs is an unpredictable whirlwind, making the Aquarius woman difficult to understand. She hates to be stereotyped and may change her mind simply to be contrary. But once you make it to the eye of the storm, it’s all worth it.

Because she strives to be unique, the Aquarius woman will be the most original person you’ve ever met. Strong, witty, and independent, she often observes the world differently than other people. And as such a force of nature, it is not easy to tie her down to anything.

The Aquarius lady will think, feel and do whatever she pleases without worrying about how others perceive her. She can often make grand gestures or, if that’s what you’ve come to expect, dial it back to a more demure sense of self. Either way, she will do what she feels is best for her and those she cares about.

Although the Aquarius woman may seem self-centered, the opposite is true. She is quite the humanitarian, always looking to help others in any way she can. Because she is creative and idealistic, her best career choices would involve travel, education, psychology or social work.

The Aquarius female can get along with a variety of personalities, also making her a good candidate for public relations or marketing. She may also find it best to go into business for herself, where she would not have to conform to anyone else’s idea of success. Either way, she will work hard towards the betterment of society.

understanding aquarius womanSince she can be highly unpredictable, being friends with an Aquarius woman may not be easy. One must have patience in dealing with her, but she is always appreciative of those who stay true to themselves. She will never chastise you for speaking your mind, nor will she ever try to impose her beliefs on you. And because she is so open-minded, she accepts all walks of life into her inner circle.

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But don’t expect a deeper relationship to form that easily with Aquarius women. It takes time to get to know her, as her moods and interests change with the wind. But she will never be false with you, and she places no expectations on your friendship. So if you can offer her the space she needs to thrive, you will find yourself part of a fun and unconventional relationship.

Needless to say, this includes a romantic relationship, as nothing is ever normal with the Aquarius female. Independent, quirky, and adventurous, she can take you or leave you. Courting this woman will be a challenge, for once she makes up her mind about a potential lover it remains unchanged. So be careful how you approach her – be yourself and let her know how much you appreciate her unique identity.

Communication is key in getting her to open up to you, and once she does, hang on! You will have quite the storm to weather with her free spirit, varied interests, and impulsive nature. And though the pace may seem fast to you, she is actually taking her time to get to know you in her own manner.

As long as you allow her the freedom to go exploring on her own, this free bird will always return to you. And once she is committed, let the games begin in the bedroom!

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  1. Michelle Rigdon

    This is amazing and described me perfectly. Wow

  2. I’m a capricorn married to a an aquarius. I’ve given her the freedom and space that ends to cheating with her HS sweetheart. She even laugh with him while the guy mocked me in their chat. Caught her lying and not even sorry for it. We’re always arguing for petty things even she’s the one who started. And if she can’t win the conversation she will demand separation without even considering our daughter. Now we’re just going with the flow of our marriage doesn’t matter where or how it’ll end. She still says ILY and I’m getting bored of the lies.
    P. S.
    I’m the one paying the bills and EVERYTHING.

    • Should u two divorce? She is using you.

    • I too, am an Aquarian woman married to a Capricorn man. I will say this; there are always three sides to a story. My point being that you have to look at yourself as well and even in doing so, we tend to see the other as the sole violator. When in truth, there is always room for improvement on both ends.
      My husband and I have been married for 8 years. I love that man with my everything. In the beginning, he accepted me for who I was in my entirety and I’ve always loved that I was able to be my whole, true self with him. It offered me a comfort I’d never had before, because I am an “acquired taste”.
      Like you, my husband worked while I stayed home which is how he wanted it. That afforded me the opportunity to start and open my own business.
      However running a business is demanding on my time. Ultimately it was my husband who violated our marriage because he feels like he can no longer deal with the person that I am and for a whole year, I didn’t even know it was happening because he never expressed to me that he no longer liked who I was. Despite the fact that I am still the same way I was when we first met.
      So now I say this to you, with the exception of her cheating, did you understand and know who and how your wife was before you married her? Is it possible that you two outgrew each other?
      Sometimes there’s an expectation of change from one or both spouses once you are legally married.
      Is it possible that you pulled away from her without even knowing it?
      Capricorns are hard workers, tend to be devoted and possibly even married to their jobs and the wife and kids kinda fall to the wayside.
      That is in fact, what my husband has done. But he also violated our marriage with a woman he worked with everyday.
      If you love her and think you can work past her violation to your marriage and she is wanting and willing to debate and commit herself to you, then maybe you two should have a serious heart to heart and lay everything on the table. You should be prepared to receive and speak the cold hard truth.
      A marriage between our two signs is an uphill battle from the start. You have to really want it if both of you expect for it to work because we’re damn near opposites.
      We too are just going through the motions of being married but there is no real relationship between us. Be honest with her. Tell her your truth. Enjoy the memories of all of the good times you two had with each other and make peace with yourself to accept whatever may come.
      I wish you two the best and I hope that things turn out favorably for the both of you.

  3. Cheating is wrong no matter how you slice it. I am an Aquarius and I’d never condone unfaithfulness. Just be honest with the person and yourself if you’re unhappy in a marriage. She was wrong to cheat and it’s not the husband:s fault if she strayed, it’s hers.

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