Knight of Swords – Meanings & Interpretation – Minor Arcana

Knight of Swords Meaning In A Tarot Reading

The Knight of Swords tarot represents the drive to complete a goal turned into obsession. This warrior of the Minor Arcana is full of ambition. But he has no vision or empathy for those who are around him.

He is concerned only with accomplishing that which he has set out to do. He is the very epitome of the forceful military nature of the suit of Swords.

Knight of Swords Tarot Card Meanings – Upright


knight of swordsThe Knight of Swords is all drive, all accomplishment, all goal. You will accomplish your goals with this Knight on your side, but his horse will trample those that get in the way, no matter who they are or what their intentions.

Take caution, the Knight is indiscriminate. The good side of this energy is that it will drive you past any obstacle, but one must be aware what that means for you.

Past Events:

Ruthlessness has gotten you past your obstacles, and ruthlessness will be what reaps you your rewards, and your consequences. You have made your goal.

Be prepared to answer to those you rolled over to get there. Perhaps your ruthlessness was called for, perhaps not. Either way, there will be a comeuppance.

Present Events:

Mount your horse good Knight, the time has come to take all comers. Your current situation is calling for the energy of the Knight. The obstacles that stand in your way will not be won over with subtlety or simple talk, the word of the day is “Action!”

Future Events:

Take caution, the Knight is charging your way. He will come and he will be motivated, and you can either join the charge, get out of the way, or get trampled as he gallops towards his goal. He means nothing by it, his heart is just set on accomplishing his vision.

Knight of Swords Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed


knight of swords reversedThe horse stamps, the Knight snorts impatiently, what’s the hold-up! Why are we not moving! Come on come on come on! The Knight of Swords will not be held back, but nor does he know where he’s going, he just wants to be going.

He will generate a lot of noise about himself, but it will all amount to not as he spends it all looking busy and talking about the great things he will do… will do… there’s the rub. He isn’t doing them, but blustering about doing them.

Past Events:

Talk talk talk! That’s all that’s been happening around you! You’ve been making noise, you’ve been spreading energy and enthusing others, but where are your results? There are none, your energy has been wasted on talking about what could be.

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Present Events:

You want to go forward, you want to see action, but whoa there buddy… Think about where you’re going. Your plan isn’t fully formed, and it needs to be before you charge forward. Take time to calm down, think about your next actions, and plan your next steps.

Future Events:

Get out of his way! The loud boisterous Knight is coming! He speaks much but says little! He will spend much energy and accomplish very little! This charger is not going to be to your benefit, let him pass on by and pay his bluster no mind.

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