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Ten Of Swords: Its Time To Focus On Your Goals

Ten Of Swords Meaning

Sometimes you face many challenges that bring confusion to your world. But Ten of Swords has come to your rescue with a message of hope and inspiration. It’s time to focus on something that you are sure will bring success to your life. Never think of giving up on your dreams. Always have the next plans. When one fails, the other one picks.


The ten swords reversed have a different view and talk of pushing from something that does not emit the right response. You have to keep going on what you are sure will help you realize great things in your space. So, you can let your goals define you as you think of major ways of coming up with good resolutions. Success is just a matter of time.

Ten Of Swords Symbolism

Hurdles in life make use of strong and bring out the best versions that are skillful, innovative, and full of talents. You have to focus on your goals and delink of friends who are not contributing anything in investing in great things in your life. But you have to ask for help from your mentors and grab the chances they give you to climb up the ladder.


Additionally, ten of Swords Love is the card that helps you commit to achieving goals that you are sure will open other avenues of a strong and stable family. So, always think of a great family full of love and romance. As you try to meet your expectations, love should be more strong. Hence, you have to put some weight on matters of long-lasting relationships.

Ten Of Swords Yes Or No

Anytime you have something in mind that you feel can be of huge benefit to your life, then go for it. You turn your feelings and thoughts into reality. Push every idea that you think can help you in making every right of success. Be doing something unique that you are sure you will achieve success at the end of the day. Every goal matters when you have the willingness to achieve it.


Also, ten of Swords Career expounds more on achieving everything that success has installed on you. Good healthy and right thoughts are recipes for finding good things in your life. You have to go overboard and look for space that re-ignites your passion. Nothing substantial can happen when you don’t work hard to gain it.

Ten Of Staves On The Future

When you have eyes for the future, you tend to work smart and achieve it. So, you have to always look for avenues that help you give something special. The card for the future is amazing at helping you go for a high level of achievement. But the Ten Swords tarot guide is there to assist you in making strikes that can predict a great time. You have to be calm as you wait for the moment to strike a good deal.


However, ten of the swords tarot cards an important things that will teach you different things in life that will help maintain the right ideas. So, you have to be open to anything that aspires to change your mindset for success. However, the ten of swords symbol is an indication that you are heading on the right channel. So, be honest and persistent as you aim at the end goal.

Ten of Swords Meaning In A Tarot Reading

The Ten of Swords is perhaps the bleakest card in the Rider Waite tarot and certainly the bleakest within the Minor Arcana. A man lies with his face down with ten swords stabbed in his back, and it heralds inevitable ruin, destruction, and the end of all good things.

When this tarot card appears, it is certain that defeat is at hand and that you will experience some form of grievous loss. The only good place for it to be seen is in the past.

Ten of Swords Tarot Card Meanings – Upright

Overview:ten of swords If this most ominous of cards has appeared in your tarot reading, powerlessness and betrayal are feelings that are likely to be very prevalent in your heart and mind.

Your life is inevitably to be full of loss, pain, and the endings of things. The good part of this card is that once this loss is passed, the ground will be laid fallow, and the cause excised, removing it from being able to cause you further harm.

Past Events:

This is the best possible result for the ten swords living in your past. Know that your time of trial and pain has passed, and further, that the cause of it has forever been removed from your life. The recovery may be long and difficult, but it is, in fact, over.

Present Events:

If the Ten Of Swords card appears in your reading in this position, you likely already know that which it speaks of. The loss you’re experiencing right now is total and permanent, and the recovery period will be hard. For now, seek the support of those who will understand and know that the future is brighter with this blight removed.

Future Events:

There is a tragedy in your future, and no pretty words are going to soften its arrival. Be prepared and make sure your house is in order, as the strike could come from anywhere.

You may already have a good idea of where it’s going to come from but know that if this card appears with the Tower in the reading, it’s going to come from an unexpected source.

Yes/No Interpretation:

The answer to this card is a resounding no. Take no chances, avoid the dangers, for that way lies nothing good.  The Ten of Swords is about the most profoundly powerful ‘No’ you can get from the cards, don’t ignore it.

Ten of Swords Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed


ten of swords reversedThe Ten of Swords reversed specifically indicates a painful ending that will lead to a new perspective on life. It is necessary, but it will be completely unpleasant.

Know that the impetus for this change will come on like lightning and will traumatize you irrevocably, but it will open the doorways for you to be in a better place in your life.

Past Events:

With the Ten of Swords card in the inverted position, the initial impetus has already struck, and you are on your way to recovery. It will take time, and there may be a long road to a complete recovery. Also, assimilation of the lessons of this change. But know that there will be no fresh wounds from this source.

Present Events:

The lightning has struck, and the wound is laid. It’s going to be difficult. But what needs to be done at this time is to examine the situation for the best lessons you can take from it. Then combine the emotional intelligence with the intellect embodied by the swords to learn how to find the light in it.

Future Events:

Coming down the road ahead is an emotional and mental wound that will leave you reeling. You may suspect the source already but know that it will hit you with pinpoint accuracy and tear right through your preconceptions about yourself. It will be a moment of utter turmoil; keep your friends close to help you pass through.

Yes/No Interpretation:

The answer is Yes, but it’s heavily laden with sorrow and caution.  The things ahead will bring you sadness, but you know this already, and there will be heavyweights that sit upon your shoulders after it comes to pass.


Ten of Swords is about focusing ahead after several disappointments on the way. Let confidence be your guard as you struggle to make ends meet. Nonetheless, don’t lose the enthusiasm for your success.

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