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Knight of Pentacles Meaning In A Tarot Reading

The Knight of Pentacles tarot card is mounted upon a powerful draft horse, surveying a field ready for work with a methodical and cautious eye. He plans each draw of the plough, each step of the process of building his dream. He knows the ways of efficiency and how to plan for the repetitive, routine actions that lay between him and the fulfillment of his ultimate goal.

Knight of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings – Upright


The Knight of Pentacles represents a time for steady and methodical work, or a person predisposed to the same. It can indicate the need to be a steady rock of support for those around you.

knight of pentacles

It specifies the need for a routine to bring about stability. It indicates a tendency towards precision, and a good habit of never leaving a task incomplete.

Past Events:

The past few months have seen you dedicated to a steady application of work, you’ve kept up the routine and made sure that all of your responsibilities have been dealt with. You’ve made sure you had all your ducks in a row, and that the tasks required of you were completed.

Present Events:

The Knight of Pentacles in this position calls to you to be meticulous in dealing with your responsibilities right now. There is a call to consistency and a need to create a foundation of support for yourself and those dependent upon you. The dreams and goals you hope to achieve are dependent upon this, especially now.

Future Events:

The future will see the arrival of a rock in your turbulent river. The knight will arrive, bringing with him a stability and consistency that’s been lacking for a great while. It may be you, finally bringing things into line, or an individual in your life helping you to bring it into order.

Knight of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed


The Knight of Pentacles reversed indicates the downsides of routine and consistency. There is a time when we find ourselves caught in a rut, or when we’ve simply let all the mundanities distract us from actually living.

king of pentacles reversed

It can indicate a tendency to perfectionism, and a need to open your mind to other alternative definitions of success.

Past Events:

The past few months have seen you ignoring those things that are desperately needing attention. You haven’t been wanting to deal with the responsibilities in front of you, choosing instead to do things that are easier to deal with.

Present Events:

This indicates that you’ve allowed yourself to get caught in the rut of responsibility, your life being overwhelmed by the mundanity of day to day drudgery. The Knight of Pentacles invereted in this position is a call to you to let yourself let your hair down and have a little fun.

Future Events:

There is a project coming down the road that will require you to let go of your normal perfectionist ways. While your normal meticulous ways have served you well over the past with this kind of thing, you’ll find an alternative path to be the most helpful for you during this next project.

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