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11 Feng Shui Dating Tips

11 Feng Shui Dating Tips

There are lots of things people find awkward, nerve-wracking, and uncomfortable. But, it’s probably accurate to say that dating is high up on the list. Dating is such a vulnerable experience. Two people are out together who may hardly know each other, trying to make conversation, trying to see if there’s any chemistry, and wondering if there will be any spark or any physical contact. There are multiple ways Feng Shui dating tips can help bring people closer to the love they’ve been looking for in dating. (These tips aren’t in any particular order.


It’s putting oneself out there, hoping to make a connection with another human being, and sometimes, people just don’t find what they’re looking for. Not only can Feng Shui help people organize their homes, offices, closets, bedrooms, and minds, but it can also assist in the dating world.

 Choose them in order of most applicability.) It can seem a bit overwhelming at first, especially if it’s been a long, frustrating experience in the world of dating, but try the dating tips one at a time instead of making it difficult by attempting them all at once. Most of these tips are to be implemented before heading out for the date or before inviting a dating partner over. Once these tips are used, the love chi will be activated, and the owner will be ready to start on a successful romantic journey.


Feng Shui Tips for a Successful Dating Life

#1. Pair Up

Pairs of things are auspicious, so keep pairs of items around the house. These could be pairs of candles, lamps, picture frames, or other decorative items. Make them visible to send out the vibe of “the power of two.”

#2. Present an Image

Encourage the feeling of relational bliss by displaying pictures of happy couples: family members and friends are a good start. Hang other pictures on the wall that also represent joy and happiness to attract those vibes to the area.


#3. Be Open to Another

Create an environment that is “couple-friendly.” Get a comfortably-sized bed (Queen is appropriate) and invest in good seating arrangements. Don’t simply have a lone chair in the living room. Get a loveseat or a pair of comfy armchairs. Arrange to have two nightstands on either side of the bed (with two lamps to go on them of course!)

#4. Brighten Things Up

Colors are important in Feng Shui, and it is necessary to think of colors when decorating to achieve a successful and fruitful dating life. Women should use a balance of vibrant colors in their bedroom (the center of the romantic life) and should be sure to include red. Bright colors are attractive to others, and red activates the chi for love. It is appropriate to use the ranges of red because all of the tones will activate.


Feng Shui Dating Tips

#5. Watch the Bed Position

The bed shouldn’t be flat against the wall. There should be some space between the bed and the wall to allow for a “breathing” room. The bed should also not be in a direct line in front of the door. The bedroom door should also be closed at night to keep bad chi out of the room! Feng Shui tips for bedroom.

#6. Remove Water Images

Water is a wonderful element that is also extremely powerful. But, don’t use it in the bedroom! It will bring wealth and abundance in other areas, but in the bedroom, it will lessen passion and bring down the relationship. That means one should keep mirrors, shiny objects, and water-related things out of the bedroom.

#7. Sit in the Right Place

On the actual date, make sure to sit in the right place and to have your dating partner sit in the right place. If it’s a man, have him sit with his back against a wall or sit facing the door to give him a commanding position. Remember when we talked about finding out our auspicious direction? Sit facing that direction on the date to attract the best chi and good luck with the date!

Feng Shui Dating Tips

#8. Add Masculine Energy

Women looking for men as romantic partners should add a bit of yang/masculine energy to their homes, especially in the bedroom. Use and display symbols that give off a masculine chi such as dragons, horses, bulls, etc.

#9. Add Feminine Energy

For men looking for women, they need to add feminine energy to their homes and bedrooms. This could include images that represent feminine loveliness and beauty, such as flowers. It would be wise to also include pairs of things to show there is an openness to relationships and intimacy.

#10. Focus on the Love and Relationships Sector

On the Bagua, there is a love and relationship sector. Place symbols, pairs of objects, and love images in this corner of the house.

Feng Shui Dating Tips

#11. Follow the Usual Rules

Using Feng Shui, in general, will bring good chi, so it can’t hurt to apply the usual Feng Shui rules to help the dating life! These would include keeping the house clutter-free, using proper lighting, making sure there’s enough sun, a right balance of colors, etc.

Feng Shui is an amazingly powerful art form that is so intertwined with life that it covers all areas. Feng Shui even extends its reach to the world of romance and dating. The bedroom is the primary focus of this area of Feng Shui, so the owner of the home should make that their primary area of decoration and orientation. It shouldn’t take too much money to make the adjustments. Make use of the items one already has, but readjust and reorganize them into these good Feng Shui arrangements.


Also, there are a few other tips people should keep in mind when preparing to enter the dating world. A mind is often a clutter-filled place that needs to be reoriented, and that is overlooked. One’s mind needs to be in the right place to begin such an experience. Exercise, eat well, get plenty of sleep, meditate, and take time to relax.

Dating tips

Put the mind in a positive place to attract positive energy and a positive partner! Dress and groom in a manner that will attract the attention of potential mates by using the proper colors that go with the skin and the aura. This doesn’t mean to dress in a scandalous way (ladies) but dress in a way that will turn heads and bring a vibrancy to one’s vibe.

Keep all of these Feng shui dating tips in mind when ready to find that special someone. Add pairs of things, brighten the colors up a bit, use effective hygiene, orient the bed properly, take out the water images, and display positive relationship images. Most importantly, mentally prepare for dating.

Keep the mind clear of clutter to bring peace and reduce stress and anxiety about the dating experience. Not only can these tips help people to work towards achieving romantic success, but they will bring warmth, energy, and vibrancy to life that wasn’t there before!

Interested in beginning the road to dating success? Or wanting to help a loved one or a friend find that special person. Here is some information on how to use Feng Shui to attract good love chi to the life of oneself or loved ones.

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